Accordion Shutter Parts

Accordion Shutter Parts and Hardware - Locks, Screws, Knobs, Pins, Straps, Rollers, and More.

Centerfold Shutter Parts too.


Authorized BERTHA™ and HV™ Dealer.

Accordion Shutter Build Out Header 1 inch Accordion Shutter Top Track Build Out Header
Accordion Build Out Header 2"Accordion Build Out Header 3/8"

HV BERTHA Accordion Shutter 2" Build Out Header Track, 4 colors, Aluminum, choose desired length,....

HV BERTHA Accordion Shutter 3/8" Build Out Header Track, 4 colors, Aluminum, choose desired length,....



Accordion Shutter Top Track Ceiling Header Accordion Shutter Locks
Accordion Shutter Ceiling HeaderAccordion Shutter Lock

HV BERTHA Accordion Ceiling Header Track, 4 colors, Aluminum, choose desired length,....

Accordion Shutter Locks, HV Style, available in 4 colors, Keyed or Thumbturn, Push Button, Push Pin,.. OEM Replacement Lock



Accordion Shutter Track Cover inserts Accordion Shutter Track End Caps
Accordion Track Cover InsertAccordion Track End Caps

Accordion Shutter Track Covers, Colored Vinyl Inserts that snap into the track to keep dirt and leaves out. 4 Colors, each 4 feet long.

Accordion Shutter Track End Caps, White Nylon, UV Resistant, Square End Cap Cover, 1 7/8" x 1 3/8", with keyway notch to hold it tight.



HV Trench Track for Accordion Shutters HV Bottom Track for Accordion Shutters
Accordion Trench TrackBERTHA HV Bottom Track

HV BERTHA Trench Track for Accordion Shutters,  Aluminum. Custom Cut to Size, Includes the Felt Liner, Anodized Silver

HV BERTHA Accordion Shutter Bottom Track, 4 colors, Aluminum. Custom Cut to Size, Includes the Felt Liner



Standard Painted Angle 1x2 Standard Painted Angle 2x2
BERTHA Painted Angle 1x2BERTHA Painted Angle 2x2

Standard Painted Angle, 1" x 2" x 1/8", 4 Colors, Aluminum, made by BERTHA.

Heavy Duty Painted Angle, 2" x 2" x 1/8", 4 Colors, Aluminum, made by BERTHA.



Standard Painted Angle 2x3 CF Shutter Lock Kit, CenterFold
BERTHA Painted Angle 2x3CF Shutter Lock Kit

Standard Painted Angle, 2" x 3" x 1/8", 4 Colors, Aluminum, made by BERTHA.

CF Shutter Lock Kit, Genuine OEM Replacement Part, Keyed or Thumbturn Styles, for Accordion, Centerfold, and T & C Shutter Types. 



Combo Truss Bolts Extension Socket Driver 5/16 x 6
Combo Truss BoltsDeep Socket Driver 5/16 X 6

Combo Truss Bolts, 1/4-20 Thread Size, Choose Length. They have a Round Pan Head, combination Phillips - Slotted...

Deep Socket Power Bit Extension Driver, 5/16 x 6 Inches, Hex, Magnetic, Pro Quality, Made in the USA.



Square Tube 1x1 HV Walkover Track for Accordion Shutters
HD Square Tube 1x1HV Walkover Track

Heavy Duty Square Tube, 1" x 1" x 1/8", Aluminum, mill finish Silver Only. Choose Length....

HV BERTHA Walkover Track for Accordion Shutters, 4 colors, Aluminum. Custom Cut to Size, Includes the Felt Liner



J Clip for Accordion Shutters Accordion Shutter Build Out Header 1 inch
J Clip for Accordion ShuttersShutter Build Out Header 1"

J Clips for Accordion Shutters, for use with T handle Type Lock shutters, these J Clips fasten below the lock holding the panel ends together 

HV BERTHA Accordion Shutter 3/8" Build Out Header Track, 4 colors, Aluminum, choose desired length,....



Tapcon Screws Tapcon Screws 3.25
Tapcon Screws 2.25Tapcon Screws 3.25

Tapcon Screws 2 1/4", Storm Guard, Carbon Steel with Ultra Shield, a High Performance Screw for direct mounting to Wood, Concrete,...

Tapcon Screws 3 1/4", Storm Guard, Carbon Steel with Ultra Shield, a High Performance Screw for direct mounting to Wood, Concrete,...



Thumbturn Cylinder Lock Drive Socket for Panelmate Pro
Thumbturn Cylinder LockDrive Socket for Panelmate Pro

Thumbturn Cylinder Lock, Brass, Silver Face, includes 1 AL Ring. 1 1/8" Thread Diameter,... This is whats included in the Mortise Complete Kit.

Drive Socket for Panelmate Pro or Panelmate Plus type screws, 3/16" Hex. This Bit is what the Pro's use, made to last.



Hat Bushing for Wheel Carriages Low Pro Holdback Clip for Bahama Shutters
Hat BushingsHoldback Clip, Low Pro

Replacement Hat Bushings, for Wheel Carriages, 3 sizes to choose from, Select quantity desired, White. Made of Heavy Duty UV Resistant Nylon.


Low Pro HoldBack Clip for HV Bahama Shutter Systems. The nylon bushing is 3/4" Long by 5/8" Diameter with a 1/4" center hole, the bracket..



Washered Wingnuts for Storm Panels Keeper and Cam for T Handle Shutter Lock
HV Washered WingnutsKeeper and Cam Kit

HV Washered Wingnuts , Super Heavy Duty Zamac Diecast, Nickel Plated, 1/4-20 Thread size, 7/8" or 1 1/8" Washer.

Shutter Cam and Keeper Kit for T Handle Locks, includes the Keeper, Stainless Steel Screw, Cam, and Plastic Bearing. Each Set counts as 1 piece, select how many



Locking Hole Plug Panelmate Female Inserts
Locking Hole PlugsPanelmate Female Insert

Locking Hole Plugs for Roll Shutter Tracks and Bahama Shutter Arm Poles, White Only, Many Sizes to choose from. Select Size, then...

Panelmate Female Insert Anchors for Concrete, includes Bonded Washers, 2 sizes, choose Total Pieces desired. Needs a 5/16" Hex Driver to install. 



Price Adjustments Recessed Bushings for Shutters
Price AdjustmentsRecessed Nylon Bushings

Click this $$$ product to pay for a Custom Phone Order, or for Expedited Shipping, or...

Recessed Bushings for Hurricane Shutter Screws, covers the head of the screw, 6 sizes to select from, White only. UV Resistant.



Sidewalk Combo Bolts, 2 Sizes Snap Track Shutter Holdback Clip
Combo Sidewalk BoltsShutter Holdback Clip

Sidewalk Combination Bolts, 1/4-20 Thread Size, 1/2" - 2 1/2". They have a Flat Round Head with Beveled edges, Phillips - Slotted...

Snap Track Cap Holdback Clip for Accordion shutters, UNIVERSAL, 3 Sizes to choose. Made of Tough Nylon to last years. Also Choose...



HV Snap Track End Cap Tapcon Anchors
Snap Track End CapTapcon Anchors

HV Snap Track Cap End Plate, for HV Studded Plate with Cover, By BERTHA 

Order 4 clips to 100.

Tapcon Anchors, Storm Guard, Carbon Steel with Ultra Shield, 2 Sizes, a High Performance Anchor for direct mount panels to Wood, Concrete,...



HV Style Large Turn Knobs Turn Knob Screws Medium Size
HV Turn Knob HandleTurn Knob Screw, Medium Size

HV Style Large Turn Knobs, Stainless Steel, 5/16-18 Thread Size by 1 inch Long, with Shoulder Stop, Choose Black or White,... Choose quantity from 4 pieces to 50

 Turn Knob Screw for Shutter Panels, Medium Size, 1/4-20 x 1", Black or White, 18-8 Stainless Steel, Nylon Head. Choose amount desired.



Wood Bushing Setting Tool Driver Complete Mortise Lock, Hi-Rise Shutters
Brass Bushing Setting ToolComplete Mortise Lock Kit

Wood Bushing Insert Tool, Power Driver Style, 6 inch, for setting 1/4-20 Brass Wood Bushings.


Complete Hi-Rise Mortise Hook Lock and Body Kit, Includes 1 Brass Keyed Cylinder Lock, 1 Brass Thumb Turn Lock, and Face Plate,...



Holdback Clips for Accordion Shutters HV Lock Dust Covers, Plastic
HV Shutter Holdback ClipDust Covers for Shutter Locks

HV Holdback Clips for Accordion Shutters, HV = Hi Velocity, Choose 4 to 50 pieces. Hard Nylon Clip snaps in track to hold the shutter panels open. 3 colors

Dust Covers for HV or CF Shutter Locks, Choose either Keyed Locks or Thumb Turn Locks,.. Protects the lock from Rain, Dust, Bugs, and more. 



HV Plate Lock for Accordion Shutters HV Track Roller Guide Pins
HV Saltwater Plate LockTrack Roller Guide Pin

HV Saltwater Plate Lock with Black or White HV Turn Knob Screw, Solid Stainless Steel Lock Plate, and Stainless Steel Knob, 1 Pair... 

HV Track Roller Guide Pins, HV = Hi Velocity, 6 Sizes to choose, for Accordion Shutters



Knurled Stud Screws for Storm Panel Tracks Locking Pins for Accordion Hurricane Shutters, with Screws.
Knurled Stud ScrewLocking Pins for Shutters

Knurled Stud Screws, Stainless Steel, 1/4-20 Thread size, Select 3/4 or 1 inch Length, Select Quantity Desired from 12 to 100 pieces. 

Aluminum Locking Pins, Accordion Shutter Pins, Sliding Rods, and for Bahama Hurricane Shutters, 1 pair, Choose Length, Select Screw Size



Shutter Straps, Hook and Loop, 4 Colors Track Bolts
Shutter StrapsTrack Bolts, Stainless Steel

Accordion Shutter Straps , Choose from 4 Colors, Sizes 24" or 36". The Shutter Straps have a hard nylon loop on one end for tension adjustment...

Track Bolts, Stainless Steel, Square Head, 1/4-20 Thread, 3/4" Length OR 1" Length, will not rust. Head is 1/2" Square....



Wheel Carriage Assembly for Shutters Wheel Carriages, Panel Rollers
Wheel Carriage Assembly Wheel Carriages, Panel Rollers

Wheel Carriage Assembly, Complete Set up includes Screw, Hat Bushing, Spacer Bushing, and Wheel Carriage. White rollers, 4 sizes to choose from.

HV Wheel Carriages for Hurricane Shutters, Panel Roller wheels, Choose your Size, #10 or #14



HV Accordion Shutter Lock L-Handle Shutter Lock, Hi-Tech
HV Shutter Lock KitL-Handle HT Shutter Lock

HV Shutter Lock Kit for Hurricane & Storm Shutters, Thumb Turn Egress Style or Keyed, for Accordion and Centerfold Shutter Types, 4 Colors...

L-Handle HT Shutter Lock, choose with Keys or Thumb Turn style, HT = Hi-Tech. Choose from 5 colors; White, Ivory, Chrome, Bronze, or Beige.



Large Turn Knob Screws HV Nylon Thumbscrews
Turn Knob Handle Screws, LargeHV Nylon Thumb Screws

Large Turn Knob Handles, Black or White, with Shoulder Stop. 5/16-18 x 1", Turn Knob Screw Handles, Stainless Steel, White or Black,...

HV Nylon Thumb Screws, 3/8-16 x 3/4", with Shoulder. Choose how many HV White or Black Nylon Thumb Screws you need, 6 to 48 pieces,... 



Small Turn Knob Screws for Shutters Stainless Steel Thumb Screws, 2 sizes
Small Turn Knob ScrewsThumb Screws, Stainless Steel

Small Thumb Turn Knob Screws, 1/4-20 x 3/4", Stainless Steel, with Shoulder, Select from 6 pieces thru 50. Choose Black or White,...

Stainless Steel Thumb Screws, 2 Sizes; 1/4-20 x 3/4" or 10-24 x 3/4", Select  total Pieces desired. Accordion Shutter Screws... for the locking pins



T-Handle Shutter Lock Kit
T-Handle Shutter Lock Kit

T-Handle Accordion Shutter Lock Kit for Centerfold type Hurricane Shutters, OEM Replacements, for Repair, 5 Colors to choose...


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