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Boat, Marine, and Trailer Parts and Hardware, for Repair or Replacement. SCH40 Aluminum Pipe Fittings, Outrigging Poles, and more. Authorized TIGRESS® Outrigger Dealer.




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Offshore Fishing Gear,


HV Trench Track for Accordion Shutters Aluminum Woven Wire Mesh
Accordion Trench TrackAluminum Woven Wire Mesh

HV BERTHA Trench Track for Accordion Shutters,  Aluminum. Custom Cut to Size, Includes the Felt Liner, Anodized Silver

Aluminum Woven Wire Mesh, 4' x 8' x.236 Thick, PICKUP ONLY No Shipping, for Decorative Railing, Security Cages....



Awning Crank Handle and Hook Pole kit Bonded Washers, Stainless Steel
Awning Crank Handle with HookBonded Washers

Awning Handle Crank with Hook, Manual Hand Crank, 5 Feet Long, Shipped Assembled, Plastic Coated Metal, Hard Plastic handles. Both Handles Spin,..

Bonded Washers, Stainless Steel washers heat bonded to rubber washers to make a 2 sided dual washer for many purposes, 1/4" hole. 3 sizes.



Wood Bushing Setting Tool Driver Clamshell Awning, Bahama Hinges
Brass Bushing Setting ToolClamshell Awning Hinges Rail

Wood Bushing Insert Tool, Power Driver Style, 6 inch, for setting 1/4-20 Brass Wood Bushings.


Bahama Shutter and or Awning Hinges, Both Male and Female Side, for Replacement or New Installations, Mill Finish Silver



Aluminum Flip Lock for Patio Doors Step Pad Flat End Caps for Boats
Flip Lock for Sliding Glass DoorsStep Pad Flat End Caps

This flip-style lock secures your sliding glass doors against each other. Locks mounts on the outside door and blocks the path of the inner door.

Step Pad Flat End Caps for Boat, Dock, and Marine Ladders, Flat Cap 4 x 2 inch, Cast Aluminum 



Storm Bar Clip, Tie Back Clip DOT Threaded Transformer Pole Base
Storm Bar Tie Back ClipThreaded Transformer Base

2” STORM BAR CLIP, also called a Tie Back Clip, Aluminum Mill Finish with holes. Receives 2” Square Tube 

D.O.T. Threaded Transformer Base with Aluminum Door, 356-T6 Alloy; ASTM B 36 



TIGRESS XD Telescoping Center Outrigger Fishing Poles Tigress Hi Velocity Kite
Telescoping Center Rigger PolesSpecialty Lite Wind Kite

Tigress XD Telescoping Aluminum Center Outriggers, For use on sport fishing boats up to 40 feet.

TIGRESS Specialty Lite Wind Kite, Will exceed all of your expectations and fly steady in 5-10 mph winds with a simple adjustment to the bridle, Includes Storage Bag.



Tigress All Purpose Outrigger Kite Tigress Kite Storage Bag
TIGRESS All Purpose KiteTIGRESS Kite Storage Bag

TIGRESS All Purpose Outrigger Kite, Sturdy and dependable, will fly steady in 10-15 mph winds with a simple adjustment to the bridle, Includes Storage Bag.

TIGRESS Kite Storage Bag, Keeps your kites dry and in excellent condition, Lightweight and waterproof,... 



Tigress XD Outrigger Top Mount HV Plate Lock for Accordion Shutters
TIGRESS XD Top MountHV Saltwater Plate Lock

Tigress XD Rigger Top Mount For use on Outrigger sport fishing boats up to 40 feet, No.88850, 24 adjustable locking positions, 316 Stainless Steel,...

HV Saltwater Plate Lock with Black or White HV Turn Knob Screw, Solid Stainless Steel Lock Plate, and Stainless Steel Knob, 1 Pair... 



Adjustable Bunk Bracket Outrigger Hard Top Bushing and Washer
Adjustable Bunk BracketOutrigger Hard Top Bushing

Adjustable Bunk Bracket, Heavy Duty Aluminum, Base Dimention is 5 x 6 inch, Channel is 2 x 2 inch, for Boat trailers or any Super Heavy Duty Purpose. Holes are 9/16".

Marine Outrigger Hard Top Bushing and Washer, White Powder Coated Aluminum, 



Diamond Shaped Boat Pads Outrigger Rod Holder Adaptor
Diamond Boat PadsOutrigger Rod Holder Adaptor

Diamond Shaped Pads for Boat and Marine use, Brushed Aluminum Finish, 2 sizes, with 1/2" diameter center Breathe Hole.


Outrigger Rod Holder Mount Adaptor, 2 sizes, switch your small size Rod Holder to a larger Outrigger type.



Oval Boat Pads T-Top Adjustable Rod Holder
Oval Boat PadsT-Top Rod Holder

Oval Pads for Boat and Marine use, Brushed Aluminum, 2 sizes, with 1/2" diameter center Breathe Hole.


T-Top Adjustable Clamp-On Rod Holder, Simply drill a 1/4” hole into the IPS schedule pipe of your T-Top and clamp on.  Select from 3 sizes.



Teardrop Boat Pads Tigress Hi Velocity Kite
Teardrop Boat PadsTIGRESS Hi Velocity Kite

Teardrop Boat Pads, Bright Polished Aluminum, 2" x 3" x 1/4", breathe holes,...


TIGRESS Hi Velocity Kite, Flies steady in winds of 15 mph and up. Lightweight spars are constructed of 100% carbon graphite. Includes Storage Bag.



Triangular Heart Pads for Boats Aluminum Safety Grip Hand Rail
Triangular Heart PadsAluminum Safety Grip Rails

Boat and Marine Triangular Heart Pads, Bright Polished Aluminum, 3 1/2", with 1/2" diameter center Breathe Hole.


Aluminum Safety Grip Rails, Bright Polished and Anodized, for Boats, Docks, Marina's,... Mounts Horizontally or Vertically, Weld ready - no hardware, 5 sizes.



Bleacher Clips Boat Chair Fishing Gimbals
Bleacher Clip, SlottedBoat Chair Fishing Gimbals

Slotted Bleacher Clip, 2 x 1.25 inch, for 9.5 inch Bleacher Plank, Aluminum



Boat Chair Fishing Pole Gimbals, 316 Stainless Steel, Rod Holders, Maximum Strength And Built To Withstand The Rigors Of Offshore Fishing



DOT Break Away Sign Pole Base Bunk Bracket Mounting Angle, Aluminum
Breakaway Sign Pole BaseBunk Bracket Mounting Angle

D.O.T. Break Away Sign Pole Base Kits for Single Column Signs, or Sign Pole Stand Base Flanges, 4 sizes to choose

Bunk Bracket Mounting Angle, Heavy Duty .300 Thick Aluminum, for Boat trailers or any Super Heavy Duty Purpose. 3 Length sizes. Holes are 9/16".



Boat Bunk Pad End Caps Bunk Pad Cushion for Boat Trailers
Bunk Pad End CapsBunk Pad for Boat Trailers

Universal End Caps for Boat Trailer Bunk Pads, Black Nylon, 5.25 x 1 inch, Left and Right Set

Universal Bunk Pad for Boat Trailers, Black Vinyl, fits Flat and Angled Bunks. 5 1/4 inches wide, Choose Lengths from 10 feet thru 100 foot roll.



Boat Bunk Pad End Caps Bunk Rail and Pad for Boat Trailers
Bunk Rail End CapsBunk Rail for Boat Trailers

8 inch Universal End Caps for our Boat Trailer Bunk Rail, Left and Right Set, Aluminum castings

Universal 8 inch Pre-Fab Bunk Rail and Pad for Boat Trailers, Choose from 5 Lengths, 8 feet thru 16. PICK-UP ONLY, NO SHIPPING!!!



Carbon Fiber Outrigger Fishing Poles Dive Ladder Rung End Caps 3 inch
Carbon Fiber Outrigger PolesDive Ladder End Caps

Tigress XD 3K Carbon Fiber Telescoping Outrigger Poles, 2 color patterns, 18 feet, alone or in a System Kit

Dive Ladder Rung End Caps, Nylon, for 3 inch Boat or Dock Aluminum Knurled Ladders.



DOT U-Bolts Fiberglass Electronic Boxes for Boats
DOT U-Bolts for SignsFiberglass Electronics Box

DOT Approved U-Bolts, sizes 2 - 6 inch, Galvanized Steel, 7/16" Diameter Round, 1 Pair, includes Lock Washers and Nuts.

Fiberglass Electronic Boxes for Boats, 2 sizes, 1/2" Door & Frame, 1 Gas Shock, Stainless Steel Lock. Black Face on a White Box. Waterproof. 



Outrigger Center Top Mount Outrigger Hard Top Pad
Outrigger Center Top MountOutrigger Hard Top Pad

Tigress XD Center Rigger Top Mount For use on Outrigger sport fishing boats up to 40 feet. Accepts all Tigress XD 1-1/8” butt diameter center riggers. 

Marine Outrigger Hard Top Pad Mounting Plate, Shiny Brushed Aluminum, Beveled outer Edge, Mounting Holes are Countersunk,...



Outrigger Mounting Base Plate Outrigger Rod Holder Liners
Outrigger Mounting Plate BracketOutrigger Rod Holder Liners

Outrigger Mounting Plate, BDA Polished Aluminum for fabricating a base for Outrigger Rod Holders 

Outrigger Rod Holder Liners for 8.5 or 10 inch swedged or flared rod holders, UV resistant, Black or White



Outrigger Kite Rod Holder, Floor Mount Outrigger Rod Holder, Side Mount
Outrigger Rod Holder, Floor MountRod Holder, Side Mount Transom

Outrigger Kite Rod Holder, 8.5 inch, Straight, Floor Mount, 3 x 4.5 Brushed Pad Welded On, Silver, Polished Aluminum

Outrigger Rod Holder, 8.5 inch Straight Side Mount Transom Rod or Console Rod Holder, 3" x 4.5" base, Polished Aluminum



Outrigger Top Mount Wedges Oval Tube End Caps
Outrigger Top Mount WedgesOval Tube End Caps

Top Mount Wedges, Angular adjusting wedges to straighten the top mount in installation, allows for less stress on the top. 3 sizes.

Oval Tube End Caps, Bright Dipped Anodized or Mill Finish, for Aluminum Tubing 1 x 1.5 inches, Boats, Marine, docks, trailers, pools 



Tigress HD Ball Bearing Hinges Aluminum Breakaway Pins for Boat Railings
Polished Ball Bearing HingesBoat Railing Breakaway Pin

Tigress Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Style Hinges, 300 Series, Hi-Polished Aluminum, 1 pair

Boat Railing Breakaway Pins, for SCH40 Aluminum pipe, for Boat Railings, Marine, or Outdoor use, 6 sizes.



SCH 40 Aluminum Pipe End Caps SCH40 Dome End Caps
SCH40 Aluminum Pipe End CapsSCH40 Dome End Caps

SCH40 Aluminum Pipe End Caps, Bright Dipped, Anodized, Polished, 5 sizes to choose, 

SCH40 Dome End Caps, 1 1/2 inch Diameter plug for SCH40 Aluminum Tube Rail



Serrated Tubing for Awnings Step Pad Angled End Caps for Boats
Serrated Tubing for AwningsStep Pad Angled End Caps

Serrated Tubing for Bahama Shutters and Clamshell Awnings, Raw 6 Foot Lengths, You Cut to size and drill holes. Both Inner and Outer Pole plus Slip Collar.

Step Pad End Caps for Boat, Dock, and Marine Ladders, Flat Cap 1.5 x 4 inch, Left and Right Set, Cast Aluminum 



Step Pad Flat End Caps for Boats TIGERSHARK 1 Outrigger Base
Step Pad End Caps, KnurledTIGERSHARK 1 Outrigger Base

Step Pad End Caps for Boat, Dock, and Marine Ladders, Flat Cap 2 x 4 inch, for Knurled style Step Pads, Left and Right Set, Cast Aluminum 

Tigershark 1 Top Mount Outrigger Base for Fishing Poles on Boats, The first electronically operated top mount outrigger holder, by TIGRESS.




TIGERSHARK 3 Outrigger Base TIGRESS XD Telescoping Outrigger Fishing Poles
TIGERSHARK 3 Outrigger BaseTIGRESS Telescoping Outrigger Poles

Tigershark 3 Top Mount Outrigger Bases for Fishing Poles on Boats, 1 1/2” Manual Top Mount Designed For Hard Tops And Soft Tops, by TIGRESS

Tigress XD Telescoping Aluminum Outriggers Poles, For use on sport fishing boats up to 40 feet. Choose 1 Pair of Poles or a Complete System Kit.



Transom Mount Rod Holder Universal Bunk Bracket
Transom Mount Rod HoldersUniversal Bunk Bracket

Transom Mount Rod Holders, Constructed of cold drawn anodized aluminum, Includes white liners to protect your rod. 2 Sizes.

Universal Bunk Bracket, Aluminum, for boat Trailers, or any Super Heavy Duty use 2 1/2" x 2" x 5" long x 3/8" thick. Holes are 9/16" diameter. 1 Pair



Wishbone Rod Holder Locking Hole Plug
Tigress Wishbone Rod HoldersLocking Hole Plugs

Wishbone Outrigger Rod Holders, Large Side Mount Outrigger Holders, 2 sizes, Heavy Duty Cast 316 Stainless Steel with 18 inch polished stainless steel tube.

Locking Hole Plugs for Roll Shutter Tracks and Bahama Shutter Arm Poles, White Only, Many Sizes to choose from. Select Size, then...



Pivoting Breakaway Pin, Boat, Marine Rolling Track Truck Roller Assembly
Pivoting Breakaway PinRolling Track Truck Assembly

Pivoting Breakaway Pins, for 3/4 inch SCH40 pipe, for Boat Railings, Marine use, or,...

Rolling Track Truck Roller Assembly, for Hanging Gates that Roll side to side, complete metal roller assembly for hanging your panel or door.



SCH40 Black Plastic End Caps Mark V, Heavy Duty Hinge
SCH40 Plastic End CapsMark 5 Heavy Duty Hinges

SCH40 Black Plastic End Caps, 1 inch Diameter plug for SCH40 Aluminum Tube Rail

Mark 4 or 5 Heavy Duty Welding Hinges, Stainless Steel, for Fences and Gates, and Marine applications.



Price Adjustments Push In Screw Plug
Price AdjustmentsPush In Screw Plug

Click this $$$ product to pay for a Custom Phone Order, or for Expedited Shipping, or...

Push In Screw Plugs, White Nylon, for Panelmate Pro Female Anchors, they Push in but need a Screwdriver to remove, can be used as an Automotive clip,.. 2 Sizes



SCH 40 Cover Plate 46, 1.5 inch SCH 40 Aluminum Floor Flange 47, 1.25 inch
SCH40 Aluminum Cover Plate 46SCH40 Aluminum Floor Flange 47

SCH40 Aluminum Cover Plate, 1 1/2 inch Inside Diameter, accepts SCH40 1 1/2" Pipe

SCH40 Aluminum Floor Flange No. 47, 1 1/4 inch Inside Diameter, accepts SCH40 1 1/4" Pipe



Single Axle Fender Small Turn Knob Screws for Shutters
Single Axle FenderSmall Turn Knob Screws

Single Axle Fender, made with .100 Tread Brite Diamond Plate Metal, 5 styles to choose from. Single Axle Fender,...

Small Thumb Turn Knob Screws, 1/4-20 x 3/4", Stainless Steel, with Shoulder, Select from 6 pieces thru 50. Choose Black or White,...



Trailer Plate for Camelback Brackets Tandem Axle Fender
Trailer Plate for Awning BracketTandem Axle Fender

Trailer Mounting Plate for Awning Bracket, Holdown Bracket, 2"x 2", attaches to your trailer or mobile home as a mounting plate, to hold the awning Closed...

Tandem Axle Fender, Diamond Tread Brite Fenders .001 Thick, 4 sizes to choose from. You must arrange for pick-up.



Tear Drop Fender, Diamond Plate Tear Drop Fender Insert
Tear Drop FenderTear Drop Fender Insert

Tear Drop Fender, Tread Brite Diamond Plate .001 Thick, 2 sizes to choose from. We do not ship this item, you must arrange for pick-up in Lake Worth, FL.

Tear Drop Insert for Fenders, Turn your standard 9” or 10” Double or Triple Axle Fender into a Tear Drop Fender, made of .080 Tread Brite Diamond Plate Metal.



Triple Axle Fender
Triple Axle Fender

Triple Axle Fender, made of .001 Thick Tread Brite Diamond Plate Metal, 2 styles to choose from. For Boat and other type Trailers. We do not ship this item, you must...


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