Break Away Sign Pole Base
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Breakaway Sign Pole Base

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Break Away Sign Pole Bases for Single Column Signs, Sign Stand Bases - Manufactured in accordance with Florida DOT Roadway and Traffic Design Standard Indexes 11860-11865.

Includes the Sign Pole Base Kit, Bolts, Washers, Shims, etc.. in accordance with ASTM 325 & ASTM A-307

4 Sizes;

4 inch ID

4 1/2 inch ID

5 inch ID

6 inch ID


The DOT Breakaway Sign Pole Base is 2 indentical flanges,
4" base is 8 1/4" Square by 3/4" thick, total height is 7" x 3/8" thick.


On the underside of the flanges, the thru hole diameter is 3 1/2".

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