Bulletproof Gear

Bulletproof Gear and Body Armour for Protection against Threats and Harm from Projectiles, bullets, bombs, and of course, Hurricanes,... folks need protection while helping others during the wind from sharp flying objects. Survival Gear.

Body Armour is considered Safety Equipment and can be purchased from this site by anyone in 49 States of America (except Connecticut), there is No International Shipping of any type product on these pages, sorry.


WARNING: some of the Bulletproof Gear in this category are also considered Illegal To Own if you have a Felony Record Conviction, all names of sales are recorded to match with potential possession of them, and followed up by a visit by the Police, so don't order. We also advise you not to knowingly transfer or sell these to a person who has mental issues or is violent, as You will be an accessory to their crime.

It is a Felony Offense in every state to use these products during the commission of a crime.


Licensed Retailers are Exempt from liability for use or misuse of this product, and/or from injuries sustained while using them, buyers assume all risk. There is Absolutely No Returns on Protective Gear.

No item is 100% completely guaranteed to prevent injury, there are many factors to consider, like ricochets from the item, surface wear reduces effectiveness, getting shot twice in the same spot,...

Don't be fooled, body protection articles usually stop the projectiles from penetrating the skin, but it still hurts because it doesn't stop the blunt force from the velocity of it coming at you,...


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Ballistic Insert Panel for Backpacks Bulletproof Vest, Cordial, for VIP
AK-47 Ballistic PlateBulletproof Vest, Cordial

AK-47 Bulletproof Insert, for backpacks or vests, 10" x 12", Black, Concealable Ballistic Level 4 Shield.

Cordial Bulletproof Vest, Incognito Ballistic Protection vest. Banks, Government Offices, VIP's, NIJ IIIA Rated



Bulletproof Window Film 12 mil Stab and Cut Proof Hoodie
Bulletproof Window FilmStab Proof Hoodie

Bulletproof Window Film, Explosion, Vandal, and yes, Hurricane Protection too. 30 meter roll or by the foot. 12 Mil Thick, 45" wide,..

Stab and Cut Proof Hoodie, Long Sleeve, HPPE EN388 level 5 knife proof Jersey, Best Available for Bodyguards and Police. 2 Styles.



Stab and Cut Proof Shirts Bulletproof Insert for Backpacks
Stab Proof ShirtBulletproof Backpack Insert

Stab and Cut Proof Shirt, Short Sleeve, HPPE EN388 level 4 knife proof shirt, perfect for Bodyguards, Bouncers, and Police.

Bulletproof Insert for backpacks, 12" x 18", Black, Concealable Ballistic Shield. Brand New. 

NIJ IIIA Rated, Stops 9mm, 44 Mag + more.



White Bulletproof Vest for VIP Stab and Cut Proof Shirt
Bulletproof Vest, VIPAnti Cut Safety Jersey

Bulletproof VIP under garment wear, white, Concealable ballistic vest. Brand New. NIJ IIIA Rated; Stops; 9mm, 357 Magnum., 44 Mag. and more. 

Stab and Cut Resistant Shirt, Long Sleeve, perfect for Bodyguards, Bouncers, and Police.

Brand New. Material is HPPE.



Bulletproof Gear, Tactical Equipment, Body Armour, for Police, Military, and Civilians.