Colonial Shutter Parts

Colonial Shutter Parts and Hardware, for Repair, Replacement, or New Installations.

Advertising Spaces for Rent Decorative Colonial Shutter Panels
Advertising SpacesColonial Shutter Panels

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Decorative Colonial Shutter Panels, many colors and pre-cut sizes available.



Bahama Hold Down Bracket for Concrete Mounting Bullet and Clip for Colonial Shutters
Bahama Hold Down Bracket for ConcreteBullet and Clip

HV Bahama Shutter Hold Down Brackets, 4 inches long, for mounting into Concrete, select from 4 Colors. 2 per Quantity ordered! 

Bullet and Clip for Colonial Shutters, 2 Sizes to choose from, used to hold the shutters open, both are Chrome Plated. 1/4-20 threads. 



Center Mullion Rail for Bahama Shutters HV Colonial Shutter Storm Bar Clip
Center Mullion Frame RailColonial Storm Bar Clip

Center Mullion Rail Frame for Bahama Shutters, Aluminum, Low Profile style, choose Punched at 2" or Unpunched Rails, fits 1 1/4" panels...

HV Colonial Shutter Storm Bar Clips, 4 Colors to choose from. These are Shutter Mount style. White, Black, Bronze, or Silver (mill finish). 4 Pieces per Quantity ordered.



Corner Bay Hinge Bracket Fixed Colonial Shutter Mounting Bracket
Corner Bay Hinge BracketFixed Colonial Mounting Bracket

Corner Bay Hinge Bracket, 2 Styles to Choose from, Heavy Duty 2.5mm Thick, White Powder Coated Steel. 4 Corner Bay Hinges per Quantity ordered,...

Fixed Colonial Mounting Bracket, 1.5 x 1.5 x .062 Angle, Pre-Drilled 3/16" Holes, Choose 10" length or 14". Mill Finish Silver.



Low Pro Holdback Clip for Bahama Shutters Center Mullion Aluminum Frame Rail for Shutters
Holdback Clip, Low ProHorizontal Frame Rail, Colonials

Low Pro HoldBack Clip for HV Bahama Shutter Systems. The nylon bushing is 3/4" Long by 5/8" Diameter with a 1/4" center hole, the bracket..

Horizontal Rail Frame for Colonial Shutters, H Rail Bar, Shipped by the Foot up to 6' Lengths, Made of Aluminum it comes to you "Mill Finish", ready to be...



HV Colonial Hinges for Wood or Concrete Price Adjustments
HV Colonial Shutter HingesPrice Adjustments

HV Colonial Shutter Hinges, 2 inch width, choose for Wood or Concrete, select desired pieces. Complete hinge including the Bolt Pin.

This "product" is for your additional payment for some type of adjustment to an order, like expedited shipping, or custom orders, or add ons,....



Setting Tool for Lead Anchors Turn Knob Handle Screws, Large
Setting Tool for Lead AnchorsTurn Knob Handle Screws, Large

Lead Anchor Setting Tool, 6 inch model, used to set anchors in place by spreading the head without stripping the threads, made for...

Large Turn Knob Handles, Black or White, with Shoulder Stop. 5/16-18 x 1", Turn Knob Screw Handles, Stainless Steel, White or Black,...



Phillips Power Bit 6 inh Sidewalk Bolt Anchors, Lead
Phillips Power Bit, 6 inchSidewalk Bolt Anchors

Phillips Power Driver Bit, size #3 x 6 inch, or size #2 x 6", made Tough, this is what the Pro's use. Made in the USA,...



Combo Sidewalk Bolt Anchors, for use with any size length 1/4-20 bolt, pass thru style. Zamac Body / Lead Core. Bolt Anchor Fastener is...



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