Craft Supply

Crafting Supplies, Many of our Shutter and Awning Parts can be used for other purposes, Like Crafting, making Prototypes, and any type Retrofitting. Odd Ball Parts

Galvanized Steel Roses for Crafting 2 inch Stud Set Screws
Galvanized Steel Roses 70mm2 inch Stud Set Screw

Galvanized Steel Rose Flowers for Crafting, Large 70mm, Paintable, 1 Pair, Choose with or without Long Stem

2" Stud Set Screw, 304 Stainless Steel, 1/4-20 Thread size, Hex Allen Wrench insert



2x2 Angle Pieces Adjustable Bunk Bracket
2 x 2 Angle PiecesAdjustable Bunk Bracket

2 x 2 inch Aluminum Angle Pieces, approximately 2 1/2" long, for all types of Crafting and Custom projects, .093 Thick, White.   1 dozen pieces.

Adjustable Bunk Bracket, Heavy Duty Aluminum, Base Dimention is 5 x 6 inch, Channel is 2 x 2 inch, for Boat trailers or any Super Heavy Duty Purpose. Holes are 9/16".



Aluminum Woven Wire Mesh Awning Cover Cone
Aluminum Woven Wire MeshAwning Cover Cone Plate

Aluminum Woven Wire Mesh, 4' x 8' x.236 Thick, PICKUP ONLY No Shipping, for Decorative Railing, Security Cages....

Awning Cone Cover Plate, White, 3 3/4" Diameter, for 3/4" Pole. Aluminum.



Ball Top Cap Cover for a Post Standard Painted Angle 1x2
Ball Post Cap 3 inchBERTHA Painted Angle 1x2

3" Ball Post Cap, Top Outside Sleeve for a 3 inch Square Post, Cast Aluminum


Standard Painted Angle, 1" x 2" x 1/8", 4 Colors, Aluminum, made by BERTHA.



Standard Painted Angle 2x2 Standard Painted Angle 2x3
BERTHA Painted Angle 2x2BERTHA Painted Angle 2x3

Heavy Duty Painted Angle, 2" x 2" x 1/8", 4 Colors, Aluminum, made by BERTHA.

Standard Painted Angle, 2" x 3" x 1/8", 4 Colors, Aluminum, made by BERTHA.



Galvanized Steel Roses for Crafts Square Tube 1x1
Galvanized Steel Roses 55mmHD Square Tube 1x1

Galvanized Steel Silver Rose Flowers for Crafting, 55mm, Paintable, 1 Pair, Choose with or without Long Stem, Metal Art

Heavy Duty Square Tube, 1" x 1" x 1/8", Aluminum, mill finish Silver Only. Choose Length....



Painted Rectangle Tube 2x1 Painted Square Tube 2x2
Painted Rectangle Tube 2x1Painted Square Tube 2x2

Standard Painted Rectangle Tube, 2" x 1" x 1/8", 4 Colors, Aluminum, made by BERTHA.

Standard Painted Square Tube, 2" x 2" x 1/8", 4 Colors, Aluminum, made by BERTHA.



SIMU Motor Brackets for Type 8 Roll Shutter Motor Storm Bar Clip, Tie Back Clip
SIMU T8S Operator BracketStorm Bar Tie Back Clip

SIMU T8S DMI Motor Operator Bracket, for type 8 SLIM Roll Shutter Motors. T8S Mounting Bracket Angle, a 2 piece open end bracket.

2” STORM BAR CLIP, also called a Tie Back Clip, Aluminum Mill Finish with holes. Receives 2” Square Tube 



Advertising Spaces for Rent Aluminum Ring Castings
Advertising SpacesAluminum Ring Castings

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Decorative Aluminum Ring Castings, 2 sizes, for Dixie Cap style Railings, and for craft projects



Astroguard Storage Bag, BERTHA Ball Top Spear No.5 for fences
Astroguard Storage BagBall Top Fence Spear No. 5

Astroguard Storage Bag, Maroon, Red, or Black, 28.5 x 44 inches, made by BERTHA

Ball Top Fence Spear Picket No.5, 3/4 inch, Special Order, 2” exposed height, 0.75” insert depth 



Bunk Bracket Mounting Angle, Aluminum Bunk Pad Cushion for Boat Trailers
Bunk Bracket Mounting AngleBunk Pad for Boat Trailers

Bunk Bracket Mounting Angle, Heavy Duty .300 Thick Aluminum, for Boat trailers or any Super Heavy Duty Purpose. 3 Length sizes. Holes are 9/16".

Universal Bunk Pad for Boat Trailers, Black Vinyl, fits Flat and Angled Bunks. 5 1/4 inches wide, Choose Lengths from 10 feet thru 100 foot roll.



Cable Tie Wrap 3 Feet DOT Shim No.2
Cable Tie Wrap 3'D.O.T. Shim No.2

Cable Tie Wraps, Super Heavy Duty 1/16" Thick Nylon, 3 Feet Long by 3/8" Wide, Holds up to 150 pounds each, Black Only, UV Resistant,..

D.O.T. Approved Aluminum Shims size #2, Horseshoe style, 2 inch Square by 1/32 thick. FDOT approved Flat shim for Signs and other General Purpose uses.



EZ Wall Clip for Art or Cabinets Fence Spear 1 inch Square
EZ Mounting Clip 6 feetFence Spear Pole 1 inch

EZ Wall Mounting Clip, Aluminum, Self Mating 6 foot pieces with a 3/8 inch Holding depth, for holding Signs, Artwork, cabinets. No Holes, you drill and cut this item to size

Fence Spear 1 inch Square, Choose length 58 inches or 70 inches long, Aluminum Tube .060 thick, Choose from 2 to 12 Spears.



Fence Spear 1 inch Square Flagpole Ball Top
Fence Spear Pole 3/4 inchFlagpole Ball Top

Fence Spear 3/4 inch Square, Choose length 58 inches or 70 inches long, Aluminum Tube .060 thick, Choose 2 Spears up to 12,.....

Flagpole Ball Top, 3 inch, Aluminum, Special Order, Round Base for Flag Post,

Outside Sleeve for 3 inch Post.



HV Style Large Turn Knobs Mounting Tabs for Signs and Art
HV Turn Knob HandleInterlocking Wall Mounting Tabs

HV Style Large Turn Knobs, Stainless Steel, 5/16-18 Thread Size by 1 inch Long, with Shoulder Stop, Choose Black or White,... Choose quantity from 4 pieces to 50

Interlocking Wall Mounting Clips, Raceway Tabs for Signs, Art, Cabinets,.. Max Load Per tab is 160 lbs Horizontal, max Vertical is 220 lbs..



58MM Octagonal Tube for Roll Shutters Piano Hinges, 6 feet long
Octagonal Tube 58MM, AluminumPiano Hinge x 6 feet

Octagonal Tube, 58MM, Aluminum, for Roll Shutter Motors and or Reel Tubes. 8 sided.


Piano Hinges, 6 feet long, 2 inch open width, .062 thick, 1/8 pin, without holes, For use with Decorative Colonials, and of course Piano's.



Pivoting Breakaway Pin, Boat, Marine Tigress HD Ball Bearing Hinges
Pivoting Breakaway PinPolished Ball Bearing Hinges

Pivoting Breakaway Pins, for 3/4 inch SCH40 pipe, for Boat Railings, Marine use, or,...

Tigress Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Style Hinges, 300 Series, Hi-Polished Aluminum, 1 pair



Push In Screw Plug SCH40 Dome End Caps
Push In Screw PlugSCH40 Dome End Caps

Push In Screw Plugs, White Nylon, for Panelmate Pro Female Anchors, they Push in but need a Screwdriver to remove, can be used as an Automotive clip,.. 2 Sizes

SCH40 Dome End Caps, 1 1/2 inch Diameter plug for SCH40 Aluminum Tube Rail



SCH40 Black Plastic End Caps Screw Protectors, White Nylon Caps
SCH40 Plastic End CapsScrew Protectors

SCH40 Black Plastic End Caps, 1 inch Diameter plug for SCH40 Aluminum Tube Rail

Screw Protectors for Panelmate Pro Anchors, White Nylon Caps, UV Resistant, 1 1/8" Long, or use for any 1/4-20 size thread screw or bolt.



Serrated Tubing for Awnings Shutter Straps, Hook and Loop, 4 Colors
Serrated Tubing for AwningsShutter Straps

Serrated Tubing for Bahama Shutters and Clamshell Awnings, Raw 6 Foot Lengths, You Cut to size and drill holes. Both Inner and Outer Pole plus Slip Collar.

Accordion Shutter Straps , Choose from 4 Colors, Sizes 24" or 36". The Shutter Straps have a hard nylon loop on one end for tension adjustment...



Slat Hanger for 55mm, 58mm, and 60mm Roll Shutter Roll Shutter Slat Track Felt
Slat Hanger 55MM, 58MM, 60MMSlat Track Felt

Slat Hanger for 55MM, 58MM, and 60MM Roll Shutters. Tube Straps. 7 1/2" x 3/4" strap length, 4" x 1 1/8" clip length. Choose from 4 straps to 50.

Track Felt for Roll Shutter Slats, Black .320 or Grey .160 thick, made by BERTHA. Black .320 thick is considered the Universal Replacement, 



Solar Thread, UV Resistant Triangular Heart Pads for Boats
Solar Thread, UV ResistantTriangular Heart Pads

Solar Thread, UV Resistant, Made by BERTHA©, 8 oz Spool, Choose Black or White, 2000 Feet each. Perfect for any type repairs on...

Boat and Marine Triangular Heart Pads, Bright Polished Aluminum, 3 1/2", with 1/2" diameter center Breathe Hole.




Motor Brackets for Type 8 Roll Shutter Motor Universal Bunk Bracket
Type 8 Motor BracketsUniversal Bunk Bracket
Tubular Motor Brackets, for type 8 Roll Shutter Motors. T8 Mounting Bracket Angle, 2 piece set includes Bolts, nuts, and Washers. They are 4" x 1 1/2" x 3/4" x 1/8" thick, perfect for any heavy duty use too.

Universal Bunk Bracket, Aluminum, for boat Trailers, or any Super Heavy Duty use 2 1/2" x 2" x 5" long x 3/8" thick. Holes are 9/16" diameter. 1 Pair



Slip Collars, Awning Rings U-Bracket
Slip Collars, Awning Rings U Bracket, Awnings, Bahama Shutters

Slip Collars for Awning Poles and Bahama Shutter Arms, Awning Rings, Choose 1" or 7/8", Select Total Pieces Desired. Made from Aluminum,

U Brackets, for Awnings or Bahama Shutters, 1" Aluminum, New Replacement Parts, fits 1" or 3/4" poles. The U-Bracket is...



Bullet and Clip for Colonial Shutters Bullet for Universal or Crank Handle Bell
Bullet and ClipBullet for Universal Pivot

Bullet and Clip for Colonial Shutters, 2 Sizes to choose from, used to hold the shutters open, both are Chrome Plated. 1/4-20 threads. 

Bullet for Universal Pivot, Roll Shutter Crank Handle Bullet for Bell. Mates with bell for a removeable crank handle. Includes the screw.



Conical Stop for Roll Shutter, Hole Plug Hood Roller for Roll Shutters
Conical Stop Hood Roller for Roll Shutters

Conical Stop for Roll Shutters, or Hole Plug, 4 Colors to Choose from, includes Bolt. White, Ivory, Beige, or Bronze. 1 9/16" Long, 3/4"OD - 1"OD.

Hood Rollers for Roll Shutters, 40 x 95 x 30 MM, starting at $10.99 for 2 Hood Rollers, choose up to 10 with shipping discount. 



Locking Hole Plug Keyhole Washers
Locking Hole PlugsKeyhole Washers

Locking Hole Plugs for Roll Shutter Tracks and Bahama Shutter Arm Poles, White Only, Many Sizes to choose from. Select Size, then...

Aluminum Keyhole Washers, Select 25 pieces to 100. Most commonly used with Combo Truss Machine Screws size 1/4-20, but these,...



Locking Pins for Accordion Hurricane Shutters, with Screws. Moustache Clips, Stainless Steel
Locking Pins for ShuttersMustache Clips

Aluminum Locking Pins, Accordion Shutter Pins, Sliding Rods, and for Bahama Hurricane Shutters, 1 pair, Choose Length, Select Screw Size

Mustache Clips for Storm Panels and Shutters, These Mustache Clips are for the older style storm panels, High Strength Stainless Steel.



Price Adjustments HV Plate Lock for Accordion Shutters
Price AdjustmentsHV Saltwater Plate Lock

Click this $$$ product to pay for a Custom Phone Order, or for Expedited Shipping, or...

HV Saltwater Plate Lock with Black or White HV Turn Knob Screw, Solid Stainless Steel Lock Plate, and Stainless Steel Knob, 1 Pair... 



Interlocking Horseshoe Shims Stainless Steel Thumb Screws, 2 sizes
Interlocking Horseshoe ShimsThumb Screws, Stainless Steel

Adjustable Interlocking Shims, Horseshoe Shaped, Breakaway Style, Plastic, 50 Pieces, Perfect for Shutters, Doors, Windows, or...

Stainless Steel Thumb Screws, 2 Sizes; 1/4-20 x 3/4" or 10-24 x 3/4", Select  total Pieces desired. Accordion Shutter Screws... for the locking pins



Telescoping Pole, Extendable, Arms, Bahama Shutters Wheel Carriages, Panel Rollers
Telescoping Pole for Awnings, TentsWheel Carriages, Panel Rollers

Telescoping Pole for Clam Shell Awnings, Tents, and Bahama Shutters, 1 pole, choose Lengths from 12 to 36 inches, and select from 4 Colors,...

HV Wheel Carriages for Hurricane Shutters, Panel Roller wheels, Choose your Size, #10 or #14



Wheel Carriage Assembly for Shutters
Wheel Carriage Assembly

Wheel Carriage Assembly, Complete Set up includes Screw, Hat Bushing, Spacer Bushing, and Wheel Carriage. White rollers, 4 sizes to choose from.


Craft Supply items;