DOOYA Roll Shutter Motor DM59S
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DOOYA DM59 Standard Motors

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DOOYA Roll Shutter Motors Type 6, Standard or With Overide, Both 100NM, 11RPM, 120V, 60Hz, 340W, 2.94A, 256-386lbs, 59mm tube. DM59S, DM59M. (Same as 6100 models)


Both DOOYA Roll Shutter Motor Kits Include a 70MM Crown, a 70MM Drive, a Bracket, plus 1 extra Alternate Bracket on the Standard.


STANDARD: #510K, 32.75" Long



This Motor has a 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty.


*Colors Vary, pictured is Purple but we have some models from different production runs in Blue, Red, Green, White, Black, and Grey. You get whatever color is available at time of order.


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