Moustache Clips, Stainless Steel
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Mustache Clips

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Mustache Clips for Storm Panels and Shutters, Choose 4 pieces to 48.

These Mustache Clips are used on the older style storm panel shutter systems,... an example to see how they are used is seen in a picture sent in by a customer, the bottom track has slots which hold the clip securely on the middle crease. (We do not sell this special bottom track, sorry)

Our Mustache Clips are made of High Strength Stainless Steel. 

These will easily snap in place to replace your lost or rusted ones.

The Mustache Clips are 3" Long by 1" wide, and resemble a facial "Moustache", spelled differently.

Choose desired total Pieces Set, then Quantity 1,... or Quantity 2 to Double the pieces set.

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