Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters, and a Complete Line of Parts, Hardware, for All types of Plantation Shutters

Dovetail Pins, Plastic Inserts Essentric Butterfly Hinge, White
Dovetail Pins, PlasticEccentric Butterfly Hinge Large

Dovetail Pins, Plastic Inserts, Keyways, 3 Sizes to Choose, Then Select Total Pieces desired.

Eccentric Butterly Hinge, White, 37mm x 76mm x 2mm Thick Powder Coated Steel. 4 Butterfly Hinges per Quantity ordered.



Hidden Handle, Recessed Flat Handle Hidden Hinge
Hidden HandleHidden Hinge

Hidden Handle, Recessed Flat on Surface, must push one side for Arm Handle to Pop Out, to pull the cabinet door or shutter open.


Hidden Hinge, for Shutters and Cabinets, made of a Heavy Duty Steel that is shiny. It needs a rounded hole 1 1/4" x 1/2" for the insert side. The Hidden Hinge,...



L-Hinge for Shutters and Cabinets Eccentric Butterfly Hinge, Small
L Hinge for Shutters, CabinetsEccentric Butterfly Hinge Small

L Hinge for Shutters and Cabinets, Powder Coated White Metal, 2 Styles to choose from, For use around corners and,... Choose 4 L-Hinges thru 50 pieces.

Eccentric Butterfly Hinge, White, 30mm x 60mm x 2mm Thick Powder Coated Steel, 4 Butterfly Hinges per Quantity Ordered.



L Bracket for Plantation Shutters Price Adjustments
L Bracket for ShuttersPrice Adjustments

L-Bracket for Plantation Shutters, White, 4 pieces per Quantity ordered. Choose Small or Large size. Base dimentions are the same on both sizes, 2" x 1 5/8" Flat, by...

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