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Here are the most sought after Parts for Roll Shutters, if you don't see your part listed please send an email with part info, as we may have it in stock but not have it listed on the site yet.

45 Degree End Cap Large Leg 45 Degree Hood, Large Leg
45 Degree End Caps Large Leg45 Degree Hood, Large Leg

45 Degree End Caps for Roll Shutters, LARGE LEG, sold by the pair Left and Right, 5 Colors and 6 Sizes Available.

Roll Shutter Hood, 45 Degree Large Leg, 4 colors, Custom Cut to Length



Roll Shutter Hood, 45 Degree Small Leg Cap with Round Pivot
45 Degree Hood, Small LegAluminum Cap with Pivot

Roll Shutter Hoods, 45 Degree Small Leg, 4 Colors, Custom Cut to Length

Aluminum Cap with Round Pivot, choose 60mm or 70mm, for Octagonal Roll Shutter Tubes.

Fits 42mm Ball Bearings.



Astroguard Hurricane Fabric, BERTHA Brass Wood Bushing Anchor
Astroguard Hurricane FabricBrass Wood Bushing Anchor

Astroguard Hurricane Fabric, by BERTHA, very flexible for easy storage, and very Strong protection against hurricane force winds

Brass Wood Bushing Anchors, Slotted, 1/4-20 Inner Thread, Wood Anchor Bushing is 3/4" Long by 1/2" Diameter, choose Quantity.



90 Degree Small Leg Hood Keychain Remote Controller
Hood, 90 Degree Small LegKeychain Remote Emitter

90 Degree Small Leg Roll Shutter Hood Replacement, 4 Colors, Custom Cut to Your Size

Keychain Emitter, 1 Channel Remote Controller for Roll Shutters, 12V



Octagonal Adaptor Ring for Reel Tubes 58MM Octagonal Tube
Octagonal Adapter RingOctagonal Tube 58MM, Aluminum

Octagonal Adaptor Ring for Round Reel Tube, choose 60MM or 70MM Adaptor Ring, Hard Nylon, Black... To make your 3" Round tube a Hex

Octagonal Tube, 58MM, Aluminum, for Roll Shutter Motors and or Reel Tubes. Hex.

Please Call for pricing and to order,...561-255-1102



BERTHA Reel Sleeve 60mm Reel Tube for Roll Shutters
Reel Sleeve, BERTHAReel Tube 60MM, Aluminum

BERTHA Reel Sleeve, Aluminum, for Roll Shutter Slats and Motors, 3.154 Diameter, Please call for pricing and ordering.

Reel Tube 60mm, Aluminum mill finish, Round 2.365 ID, Choose desired length.



Reel Tube 70mm for Roll Shutter Motors Roll Shutter Slat Track Felt
Reel Tube 70MM, AluminumSlat Track Felt

Reel Tube 70MM, Aluminum, For Roll Shutter Motors and Slats, Choose Regular thickness .168 or Heavy Duty .215 sizes, 3" round Outside with Octagonal Hex inside.

Track Felt for Roll Shutter Slats, Black .320 or Grey .160 thick, made by BERTHA. Black .320 thick is considered the Universal Replacement, 



45 Degree End Cap Small Leg 5 Channel Hz Wall Switch for Roll Shutters
45 Degree End Caps Small Leg5 Channel Hz Wall Switch

45 Degree End Cap, Small Leg, available in 5 Colors, and 7 sizes to choose from. Sold by the Pair Left and Right.

Hz TRANSMITTER Wall Switch, 5 Channel Recessed Designer style, choose White or Ivory. 20A.




90 Degree End Cap Small Leg Adjustable Articulated Cap 60mm
90 Degree End CapsAdjustable Articulated Cap 60mm

90 Degree End Caps for Roll Shutter Hoods, sold by the pair Left and Right, SMALL LEG ONLY, Mill Finish Silver Only, 3 Sizes.

Adjustable Articulated Cap for Roll Shutters, quadruple swivel on center.



Center Bearing, Stainless Steel 94MM Drive Adaptor
Center BearingDrive Adaptor for Type 8 Motor

Stainless Steel Center Bearing, 1 5/8" Outer diameter, 5/8" Center Hole, total width 3/4".

42mm Heavy Duty.


94MM Round Drive Adaptor for Type 8 Tubular Roll Shutter Motors. Aluminum.



External Sync Control for Roll Shutters Group Relay Switch for 2 or 3 Motors
External Sync ControlGroup Relay Switch

EXTERNAL SYNC. CONTROL For Dual Motors, Roll Shutter Systems, by SOMFY...

GROUP RELAY SWITCH, select style, used to control 2 Motors or 3 Motors on 1 Master Switch. 



Handheld Emitters for Roll Shutters Safety Plates for Roll Shutter Hoods
Handheld EmittersHood Safety Plates

Handheld Emitters for Roll Shutters, Hz motor control, 3 Styles to Choose, 1, 5, or 15 Channel. 

SAFETY PLATES for Roll Shutter Hoods. Sold by the pair Left and Right, 5 sizes to choose from, Aluminum Mill Finish Silver Only.



Motor Adaptor Kit T6 70mm Motor Adaptors for Type 5 Roll Shutter Motors
Motor Adaptor Kit T6, 70MMMotor Adaptors Type 5

SIMU Motor Adaptor Kit, Crown & Drive, for Type 6, 70mm Octagonal Set, Aluminum Drive Wheel.

MOTOR ADAPTOR Kit for Type 5 Roll Shutter Motors, includes Crown and Drive, choose 60MM or 70MM, Aluminum Drive Wheel.



Type 5 Motor Operator Brackets for Roll Shutters Override Motor Eye and Shaft
Motor Operator Brackets Type 5Override Motor Eye and Shaft

Motor Operator Brackets for Type 5 Roll Shutter Tubular Motors, choose 80MM Square, 100MM Square, or DMI Override.

Override Motor Eye and Shaft for both Type 8 and Type 9 Tubular Roll Shutter Motors.



Paddle Switches for Roll Shutters TINDER Relay - Isolation Control
Paddle SwitchRelay - Isolation Control

PADDLE SWITCHES for roll shutters, Single Pole, Maintained or Momentary Style. 15A. Designer PADDLE SWITCHES by SOMFY.

Relay-Isolation Control, for 2 switches on 1 motor, for Roll Shutters. SPECIAL ORDER. Relay/Isolation Control Made by TINDER®



Roll Shutter Toggle Switches SIMU Roll Shutter Motor T6
Roll Shutter Toggle SwitchesSIMU Roll Shutter Motor T6

Toggle Switch for Roll Shutters, Single Pole, 20A, choose Maintained or Momentary, select White or Ivory



SIMU Roll Shutter Tubular Motor, Standard Type 6, 80Nm, 14RPM, 120V, 60Hz, 390W, 3.4A, 246-358Lbs. Crowns, Drives, and Brackets 



SOMFY MYLINK Home Automation System Roll Shutter Spring Support Plate
SOMFY MYLINK Home AutomationSpring Support Plate

Somfy Mylink Home Automation System. Turn your Smartphone or Tablet into a Remote Control, use for any motorized Shutter or Blinds. Program up to 16 Channels.

Spring Support Plate, 100mm x 100mm, with retainer screw and nut, includes mounting screws.



20 Channel Wireless Receiver for Roll Shutters Type 6 Motor Operator Bracket
Twenty Channel Wireless ReceiverType 6 Motor Operator Bracket

Twenty Channel Wireless Receiver for Roll Shutters, Hz Radio Control. Makes a Standard motor a Remote motor.

SIMU Operator Bracket for Type 6 Standard Motors, 100mm x 100mm



Motor Brackets for Type 8 Roll Shutter Motor Wall Mounted Emitter for Roll Shutters
Type 8 Motor BracketsWall Mount Emitter

Tubular Motor Brackets, for type 8 Roll Shutter Motors. T8 Mounting Bracket Angle, 2 piece set includes Bolts, nuts, and Washers.


Wall Mount Emitter for Roll Shutters, choose 1 Channel or 2 Channel model. Wall Mounted Emitter. SPECIAL ORDER ITEM, 3 week wait.



Aluminum Gear Insert for Roll Shutters Ball Bearing End Cap 60mm 70mm
Aluminum Gear InsertBearing End Cap

Aluminum Gear Insert, choose 60mm or 70mm, for Roll Shutter Tubes or Reels. 13mm Square insert hole (9/16").

Bearing End Cap Idler, choose 60mm or 70mm, made of Hard Plastic, for Roll Shutters, Ball Bearing sold seperately.



DOOYA Roll Shutter Motor Type 5 Standard DOOYA Roll Shutter Motor DM59M Override
DOOYA Roll Shutter Motor DM45SDOOYA Roll Shutter Motor DM59M

DOOYA Tubular Motor, Type 5 Standard DM45S or With Override DM45M. 50NM, 13RPM, 120V, 60Hz, 235W, 2.2A, 130 lbs. - 210 lbs.

DOOYA Roll Shutter Motor DM59M, Type 6 Override, 100Nm, 11RPM, 120V, 340W, 60Hz, 2.9A, 256-386 lbs.. Includes 70MM Crown and Drive



DOOYA Roll Shutter Motor DM59S Double Adjustable Cap for Roll Shutters 60mm 70mm
DOOYA Roll Shutter Motor DM59SDouble Adjustable Cap

DOOYA Roll Shutter Motor Type 6, Standard, DM59S, 100NM, 11RPM, 120V, 32.75” Long, 60Hz , 340W, 2.94A, 4min, IP44, 256lbs - 386lbs

Double Adjustable Cap, Choose 60mm or 70mm, for Roll Shutters.



55mm End Retention Screws End Retention Slat Screws 40mm
ER Screws for 55mm SlatsER Slat Lock Screws 40mm

End Retention Screws for 55mm Slat Lock Guide, HV Hi Velocity, Coated Stainless Steel, 10 x 2 1/2" Phillips Head, choose Total Pieces desired.

End Retention Slat Lock Screws, 40mm HV, Includes the Black ER HV Screw Sleeves, #10 x 2" 410 Stainless Steel, Made by BERTHA



Idle Side Adjustable Pivot 60mm 70mm Push In Screw Plug
Idle Side Adjustable PivotPush In Screw Plug

Idle Side Adjustable Pivot, choose Metal or Plastic, select 60mm or 70mm, for Roll Shutters


Push In Screw Plugs, White Nylon, for Panelmate Pro Female Anchors, they Push in but need a Screwdriver to remove, can be used as an Automotive clip,.. 2 Sizes



Slat Lock Guide 40mm Left and Right Awning Crank Handle and Hook Pole kit
Slat Lock Guide 40MMAwning Handle and Hook, Pole Kit

Slat Lock Guides 40mm, Black, Left and Right piece is one Piece, select Total Pieces Desired

Awning Handle Crank and Hook, 5 Feet Long, Shipped Assembled, Plastic Coated Metal, Hard Plastic handles. Both Handles Spin on pole,..



Base Slat Lock Guide 40mm Ball Bearing Plate for Roll Shutters
Base Slat Lock Guide 40mmBearing Plates for Roll Shutters

Base Slat Lock Guide 40MM, Black Plastic, for Roll Shutters, guides the Locking Rod into the slot and holds it tight. Base Slat Lock Guide

Standard or Heavy Duty Bearing Plate, 100mm x 100mm, fits 42mm size Ball Bearings 



Replacement Bell for Roll Shutter Hand Crank Bottom Slat Weather Seal for Roll Shutters
Bell for Crank HandlesBottom Slat Weather Seal

Replacement Bell for Roll Shutter Crank Handles, includes the Spring Pin for easy repair of your broken crank handle. Nickel Plated.

Bottom Slat Weather Seal for Roll Shutters, Black Rubber Bulb Gasket Seal, Fits 40mm, 55mm, 58mm, and 60mm Slats. Choose Length.



Conical Stop for Roll Shutter, Hole Plug DOOYA Roll Shutter Motor, Remote Type 5
Conical Stop DOOYA Roll Shutter Motor DM45R

Conical Stop for Roll Shutters, or Hole Plug, 4 Colors to Choose from, includes Bolt. White, Ivory, Beige, or Bronze. 1 9/16" Long, 3/4"OD - 1"OD.

DOOYA Remote Roll Shutter Motor Type 5, DM45R, choose Standard or With Override, it includes the 60MM & 70MM Crowns & Drives, Bracket,... 



End Retention Slat Lock Glides 55mm End Retention Slat Lock Guide
End Retention Slat Lock Glide 55mmEnd Retention Slat Lock Glide 58mm

End Retention Slat Lock Glide 55mm, Black Plastic, includes Top and Bottom. End Retention Slat Lock Glides are inserted into the ends of the Roll Shutter slats to keep them from sliding.

End Retention Slat Lock Glide 58MM, Hard Nylon, Left and Right sides sold as a Set Together, Black Only. Base is 2 5/8" Long by...



40mm Entry Guide for Roll Shutters Entry Guide for Roll Shutter Doors
Entry Guide 40mmEntry Guide 55mm, 60mm

40mm Entry Guide for Roll Shutter Doors, White Nylon, Left and Right side are molded together and count as 1 piece, simply cut apart.


Entry Guide for Roll Shutter Doors, Replacement Parts, Track Door Guide, White, fits 55mm & 60mm.



Hex Coupler for Universal or Shaft, 7MM 7MM Hex Shaft for Universal Pivot
Hex Coupler, 7MMHex Shaft Extension Rod

7MM Universal Hex Coupler for Extension Shaft, mates with 7MM Hex Extension Shaft for Universals. It is 1 3/16" long, and comes with...

7MM Hex Shaft for Universal Pivot, 13 inches long, has screw threaded into end of one side, and a hole on the side near the other end...



Washered Wingnuts Hz External Keypad Transmitter
HV Washered WingnutsHz External Keypad

HV Washered Wingnuts , Super Heavy Duty Zamac Diecast, Nickel Plated, 1/4-20 Thread size, 7/8" Washer. Rust Resistant. Choose total Pieces desired,... 

Hz Radio Controlled External Keypad Transmitter for Roll Shutters, made by SIMU, Controls up to 2 Hz Motors, Digital



Keychain Remote Control Hz Transmitter Hz Transmitter for Roll Shutter
SIMU Keychain TransmitterHz Transmitter Remote for Roll Shutter

Hz Keychain Transmitter Remote Control, 2 Channel, made by SIMU

Hz Transmitter Remote for Roll Shutter, 1 or 5 Channel, Radio Controlled Systems, White only, Handheld Remote Style with Wall Clip Holder.



Hz Transmitter Wall Switch 1 Channel Installation Testing Switch
Hz Transmitter Wall SwitchInstallation Testing Switch

Hz Transmitter Recessed Designer Wall Switch for Roll Shutters, 1 Channel, Select White or Ivory

120V Test Switch for Roll Shutter Installations, a must have for Professionals, also compatible for most all other Electrical type Installations.



Intermediate Bracket Support for Roll Shutter Motors Locking Hole Plug
Intermediate Bracket SupportLocking Hole Plugs

Intermediate Bracket Support for Roll Shutter motors or gears, for continuous units.

Locking Hole Plugs for Roll Shutter Tracks and Bahama Shutter Arm Poles, White Only, Many Sizes to choose from. Select Size, then...



Price Adjustments Roll Shutter Assist Spring
Price AdjustmentsRoll Shutter Assist Spring

This "product" is for your additional payment for some type of adjustment to an order, like expedited shipping, or custom orders, or add ons,....

Roll Shutter Assist Spring, 4 sizes to choose, 60MM or 70 MM, all Roll Shutter Assist Springs utilize Plate 6A39438 (not included)...



DOOYA Roll Shutter Motor DM92M Sidewalk Combo Bolts, 2 Sizes
DOOYA Roll Shutter Motor DM92MSidewalk Bolts

DOOYA Roll Shutter Motor, Type 9 Override, DM92M, 300NM, 11RPM, 120V, 881W,. Special Order Item. Includes 100MM Crown DH97,...

Sidewalk Combination Bolts, 1/4-20 Thread Size, Choose Length. They have a Flat Round Head with Beveled edges, combination Phillips - Slotted...



Gear Plate for SIMU 1424 SIMU Idler Cap for Roll Shutters
SIMU 1424 Gear Plate BracketSIMU Idler Cap

Gear Plate Bracket for the SIMU 1424 Gear, 100MM Square (4 inches). Screws, Gear, and Connector not included. Made of Hardened Steel.

SIMU Idler Cap, 60mm or 70mm, both sizes will fit with the SIMU Spring Support Plate. SMALL; 60mm LARGE; 70mm



Roll Shutter Motor, Type 8 Standard, SIMU SIMU Spring Support Plate
SIMU Roll Shutter Motor Type 8 StandardSIMU Spring Support Plate

SIMU Roll Shutter Motor Type 8 Standard, Tubular, T8, 200Nm, 94MM Diameter, 10 RPM, 120V. Crowns, Drives, and Brackets sold separately. 

SIMU Spring Support Plate with Retainer Clip, 100mm x 100mm



Slat Cylinder Lock Slat Hanger 40mm for Roll Shutter Doors
Slat Cylinder LockSlat Hanger 40mm

Slat Cylinder Lock , 40mm Base, for Roll Shutters, Garages, and other applications, High Security Lock, comes with 2 keys...

40MM Slat Hanger for Roll Shutters, Replacement Straps, choose from 4 pieces to 24. All Aluminum.



Slat Hanger for 55mm, 58mm, and 60mm Roll Shutter Slat Lock Guide 40mm
Slat Hanger 55MM, 58MM, 60MMSlat Lock Glide 40MM

Slat Hanger for 55MM, 58MM, and 60MM Roll Shutters. Tube Straps. 7 1/2" x 3/4" strap length, 4" x 1 1/8" clip length. Choose from 4 straps to 24.

Slat Lock Glide 40MM, 2 piece Left and Right Set, Hard Black Nylon, for Roll Shutters. Made by BERTHA®. 40mm Slat Lock Glide is 1 7/8" Top Length,..



Slat Lock Guide 58mm for Roll Shutter DOOYA Roll Shutter Motor Type 6 Standard
Slat Lock Glide 58MMDOOYA Roll Shutter Motor DM59R

Slat Lock Glide 58MM for Roll Shutters, Black Nylon. They are 2 5/8" Long by 1/2" Wide ends, holes are spaced 1 5/8" on center. 

DOOYA Standard Roll Shutter Motor Type 6, REMOTE, Includes 70MM Crown and Drive, Bracket, and Alternate Bracket...DM59R



Universal Gear Plates for Roll Shutters Wall Clip for Awning Crank Handles
Universal Gear PlateWall Clip Holder for Crank Handles

Universal Gear Plate, 100mm x 100mm, choose With or Without Center Pin, includes mounting screws.

Locking Wall Clip for Crank Handles. This Wall Clip fits most type crank handles with a 1/2 inch diameter pole, made of plastic,...



Wood Bushing Setting Tool Ball Bearing for Roll Shutters
Wood Bushing Setting ToolBall Bearing for Roll Shutters

Wood Bushing Tool, Brass T-Handle Style, 6 inch, for setting 1/4-20 Wood Bushings.

42MM Ball Bearing with Steel Bushings for Roll Shutters. Measures 1 9/16" in Diameter, the center hole is 1/2", and it's 3/8" wide.



Bullet for Universal or Crank Handle Bell Crank Handle Pole for Roll Shutters
Bullet for Universal PivotCrank Handle Pole for Roll Shutters

Bullet for Universal Pivot, Roll Shutter Crank Handle Bullet for Bell. Mates with bell for a removeable crank handle. Includes the screw.

Crank Handle with Bell, Nickel, 5 Feet Long, for Roll Shutters, Handcrank Bar. This kit comes with a Wall Clip Holder 



Roll Shutter Crank Handle Extension Kit SIMU Gear Connector 16MM x 13MM, for 1424 Gears
Roll Shutter Crank Handle Extension KitSIMU Gear Connector, Adapter

Roll Shutter Crank Handle Extension Kit, 10 Feet, includes Crank Handle Extension Pole, SS Handle Extension with Pin, and the Bell with Pin...


SIMU Gear Connector, for use with with the style No. 1424 SIMU Gear, it is a 16MM Square x 13MM Square Gear Adapter for the,...



SIMU Roll Shutter Motor, Override, Type 5 Roll Shutter Motor, type 5 Standard, SIMU
SIMU Roll Shutter Motor Type 5 OverrideSIMU Roll Shutter Motor Type 5 Standard

Roll Shutter Motor by SIMU, Override Type 5, 4 models to choose from. DMI5, 30Nm, 12RPM, 120V (MO 530), #2000774 in stock, DMI5, 35Nm, 18RPM, 120V,....

Roll Shutter Motor by SIMU, Type 5 Standard, 3 styles to choose from, Crowns, Brackets, and Drives Sold Seperately...



Universal for Roll Shutter Hand Cranks Hood Roller for Roll Shutters
Universal PivotHood Roller for Roll Shutters

Universal for Roll Shutters, 45 Degree Head, Choose Exterior or Interior, Choose Hex Drive or Square Drive. Includes the Bullet to attach to your crank handle....

Hood Rollers for Roll Shutters, 40 x 95 x 30 MM, starting at $10.99 for 2 Hood Rollers, choose up to 10 with shipping discount. 



Key Switch for Roll Shutters. Roll Shutter Gear Kit 7MM
SIMU Key SwitchRoll Shutter Gear Kit 7MM

Key Switches for Roll Shutters, by SIMU, Surface Mount, choose MOMENTARY or MAINTAIN Style. Comes with 3 Keys,...

Roll Shutter Gears, Select Plastic or Metal, Choose 11:1 Ratio or 8:1 Ratio. 7MM Hex. Each kit comes with the Roll Shutter Gear, a Gasket,...



SIMU Roll Shutter Gear 7MM Hex -16MM Square
SIMU Roll Shutter Gear 16MM

SIMU Roll Shutter Gear #1424, 7MM Hex / 16MM Square, 11;1 Ratio. Outer casing is made of hard plastic. It is almost,...


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