SIMU Roll Shutter Motor Type 5 Override

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Roll Shutter Motor by SIMU, Override Type 5, Standard w/Override Motor. 4 Styles to choose from.

Style 1 - DM15, 30Nm, 12RPM. 47mm. 120V, 60Hz, 170W, 1.5A, 134-148 lbs., #2000774

Style 2 - DMI5, 40Nm, 12RPM, 47mm, 120V, 1.8A, 60Hz, 210W, 179-195 lbs., #2000775

Style 3 - DMI5, 50Nm, 12RPM, 120V (MO 550) #2000776, (non-stock Special Order)

Style 4 - DMI5, 35Nm, 18RPM, 120V, (MO 535) #2000771, (non-stock Special Order)


Crowns, Drives, and Brackets Sold Separately

 If you are considering buying any of these motors Please contact me first at 561-255-1102 before placing the order, as the prices and options have not been programmed into this item listing yet, and the price shown is inaccurate for all models, only an estimate. Thanks. 

Please call Customer service at 561-255-1102 for help ordering the correct motor.... Please have your Make & model number handy, and know what size tube or sleeve you have (58mm Hex, 60mm/70mm Round/Hex, 94mm, 100mm).

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