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Shutter Lock Kits for Accordion, Centerfold, Hurricane, and Roll Shutters...



Thumbturn - Egress




Push Button/Push Pin

HV, Hi-Velocity

CF - Centerfold

Accordion Shutter Locks Aluminum Flip Lock for Patio Doors
Accordion Shutter LockFlip Lock for Sliding Glass Doors

Accordion Shutter Locks, HV Style, available in 4 colors, Keyed or Thumbturn, Push Button, Push Pin,.. OEM Replacement Lock

This flip-style lock secures your sliding glass doors against each other. Locks mounts on the outside door and blocks the path of the inner door.



J Clip for Accordion Shutters Lok-Safe, Patio Door Lock
J Clip for Accordion ShuttersLOK-SAFE Patio Door Lock

J Clips for Accordion Shutters, for use with T handle Type Lock shutters, these J Clips fasten below the lock holding the panel ends together 

LOK-SAFE Patio Door Lock, mounts on the outside door and blocks the path of the inner door.



Inswing Door Handle for Screen Doors Screen and Storm Door Handle Hardware
Screen Door Inswing HandleStorm Door Handle Closer Kit

Inswing Door Handle Lever Kit for Screen or Storm Doors, White or Bronze.

Screen and Storm Door Hardware Kit, includes Locking Exterior Handle Push Button, Closer, and All Door Combination Parts. White or Bronze.



Screen Door Lock Cylinder Cylinder Lock, Brass
Storm Door Lock CylinderKeyed Cylinder Lock

Screen and Storm Door Cylinder Lock, for Round Thumb Button Handles, Replacement for existing locks or switch your Round Button to a Key Entry System

Cylinder Lock, Brass, Silver Finish, With 2 Keys, includes 1 AL Ring. Fits Hi-Rise Mortise Locks and Others, 1 1/8" thread diameter. 



Mortise Hook Lock Body Thumbturn Cylinder Lock
Mortise Hook Lock BodyThumbturn Cylinder Lock

Mortise Hook Lock Body Only, no locks or face plate. Stainless Steel, Hi Rise Lock. #304 Hook Bolt, 1 1/8" Cylinder Hole....

Thumbturn Cylinder Lock, Brass, Silver Face, includes 1 AL Ring. 1 1/8" Thread Diameter,... This is whats included in the Mortise Complete Kit.



HV Lock Dust Covers, Plastic Complete Mortise Lock, Hi-Rise Shutters
Dust Covers for Shutter LocksComplete Mortise Lock Kit

Dust Covers for HV or CF Shutter Locks, Choose either Keyed Locks or Thumb Turn Locks,.. Protects the lock from Rain, Dust, Bugs, and more. 

Complete Hi-Rise Mortise Hook Lock and Body Kit, Includes 1 Brass Keyed Cylinder Lock, 1 Brass Thumb Turn Lock, and Face Plate,...



HV Style Large Turn Knobs Keeper and Cam for T Handle Shutter Lock
HV Turn Knob HandleKeeper and Cam Kit

HV Style Large Turn Knobs, Stainless Steel, 5/16-18 Thread Size by 1 inch Long, with Shoulder Stop, Choose Black or White,... Choose quantity from 4 pieces to 50

Shutter Cam and Keeper Kit for T Handle Locks, Set includes the Keeper, Stainless Steel Screw, Cam, and Plastic Bearing. Each Set counts as 1 piece, select how many



HV Plate Lock for Accordion Shutters Price Adjustments
HV Saltwater Plate LockPrice Adjustments

HV Saltwater Plate Lock with Black or White HV Turn Knob Screw, Solid Stainless Steel Lock Plate, and Stainless Steel Knob, 1 Pair... 

Click this $$$ product to pay for a Custom Phone Order, or for Expedited Shipping, or...



Slat Cylinder Lock Large Turn Knob Screws
Slat Cylinder LockTurn Knob Handle Screws, Large

Slat Cylinder Lock , 40mm Base, for Roll Shutters, Garages, and other applications, High Security Lock, comes with 2 keys...

Large Turn Knob Handles, Black or White, with Shoulder Stop. 5/16-18 x 1", Turn Knob Screw Handles, Stainless Steel, White or Black,...



Turn Knob Screws Medium Size HV Accordion Shutter Lock
Turn Knob Screw, Medium SizeHV Shutter Lock Kit

 Turn Knob Screw for Shutter Panels, Medium Size, 1/4-20 x 1", Black or White, 18-8 Stainless Steel, Nylon Head. Choose amount desired.

HV Shutter Lock Kit for Hurricane & Storm Shutters, Thumb Turn Egress Style or Keyed, for Accordion and Centerfold Shutter Types, 4 Colors...



L-Handle Shutter Lock, Hi-Tech T-Handle Shutter Lock Kit
L-Handle HT Shutter LockT-Handle Shutter Lock Kit

L-Handle HT Shutter Lock, choose with Keys or Thumb Turn style, HT = Hi-Tech. Choose from 5 colors; White, Ivory, Chrome, Bronze, or Beige.

T-Handle Accordion Shutter Lock Kit for Centerfold type Hurricane Shutters, OEM Replacements, for Repair, 5 Colors to choose...



CF Shutter Lock Kit, CenterFold
CF Shutter Lock Kit

CF Shutter Lock Kit, Genuine OEM Replacement Part, Keyed or Thumbturn Styles, for Accordion, Centerfold, and T & C Shutter Types. 


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