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Boat, Marine, and Trailer Parts and Hardware, for Repair or Replacement. SCH40 Aluminum Pipe Fittings, Outrigging Poles, and more.


PLEASE CALL 561-255-1102 to order any of these parts, we are still setting up these items on the site, and most all have one cent prices which is incorrect.


If you don't see what you need, we still have more Boat, Marine, and Trailer Repair and replacement Parts not listed yet, and/or send a pic to that number with dimentions.



Aluminum Safety Grip Hand Rail Awning Crank Handle and Hook Pole kit
Aluminum Safety Grip RailsAwning Handle and Hook, Pole Kit

Aluminum Safety Grip Rails, Polished and Anodized, for Boats, Showers, Walkways, Stairs, Mounts Horizontally or Vertically

Awning Handle Crank and Hook, 5 Feet Long, Shipped Assembled, Plastic Coated Metal, Hard Plastic handles. Both Handles Spin on pole,..



Bahama Shutter Arm Kit, Awning Poles Carbon Fiber Outrigger Fishing Poles
Bahama Shutter Arm Kit, 1 pairCarbon Fiber Outrigger Poles

Bahama Shutter Arm Kit, Telescoping Poles, for ClamShell Awnings, 1 Pair, Choose Length Size, Select from 4 colors, comes with Brackets, Pins,... Aluminum

Tigress Carbon Fiber Telescoping Outrigger Poles, 2 Color Patterns to choose from



Outrigger Hard Top Pad Outrigger Mounting Plate
Outrigger Hard Top PadOutrigger Mounting Plate Bracket

Outrigger Hard Top Pad Mounting Plate, Brushed Aluminum

Outrigger Mounting Plate, BDA Polished for Outrigger Rod Holders 



Outrigger Rod Holder Liners Outrigger Rod Holder, Floor Mount
Outrigger Rod Holder LinersOutrigger Rod Holder, Floor Mount

Outrigger Rod Holder Liners for 8.5 or 10 inch swedged or flared rod holders, UV resistant, Black or White

Outrigger Rod Holder, 8.5 inch, Floor Mount, 3 x 4.5 Brushed Pad Welded On, Silver, Aluminum



Outrigger Rod Holder, Side Mount Aluminum Breakaway Pins
Outrigger Rod Holder, Side MountRailing Breakaway Pin

Outrigger Rod Holder, INNER CONSOLE, 8.5 inch Side Mount, 3 x 4.5 Brushed Pad Welded On, Silver, Aluminum

Breakaway Pins, for 3/4 inch SCH40 Aluminum pipe, for Boat Railings, Marine, or Outdoor use



TIGERSHARK 3 Outrigger Base TIGRESS Outrigger Fishing Poles
TIGERSHARK 3 Outrigger BaseTIGRESS Telescoping Outrigger Poles

Tigershark 3 Top Mount Outrigger Base for Fishing Poles on Boats,

Tigress Track Telescoping Outrigger Poles, 2 lengths to choose, 3 color patterns to choose



Locking Hole Plug Pivoting Breakaway Pin
Locking Hole PlugsPivoting Breakaway Pin

Locking Hole Plugs for Roll Shutter Tracks and Bahama Shutter Arm Poles, White Only, Many Sizes to choose from. Select Size, then...

Pivoting Breakaway Pins, for 3/4 inch SCH40 pipe, for Boat Railings, Marine use, or,...



Rolling Track Truck Roller Assembly SCH40 Black Plastic End Caps
Rolling Track Truck AssemblySCH40 Plastic End Caps

Rolling Track Truck Roller Assembly, for Hanging Gates that Roll side to side, complete metal roller assembly for hanging your panel or door.

SCH40 Black Plastic End Caps, 1 inch Diameter plug for SCH40 Aluminum Tube Rail



Bahama Hold Down Bracket for Wood Mounting L-Hinge for Shutters and Cabinets
Bahama Hold Down Bracket for WoodL Hinge for Shutters, Cabinets

HV Bahama Shutter Hold Down Brackets, 4 inches long, for Wood mounting, select from 4 Colors. Left and Right Sides.

L Hinge for Shutters and Cabinets, Powder Coated White Metal, 2 Styles to choose from, For use around corners and,... Choose 4 L-Hinges thru 50 pieces.



Mark V, Heavy Duty Hinge Price Adjustments
Mark 5 Heavy Duty HingesPrice Adjustments

Mark 4 or 5 Heavy Duty Welding Hinges, Stainless Steel, for Fences and Gates, and Marine applications.

This "product" is for your additional payment for some type of adjustment to an order, like expedited shipping, or custom orders, or add ons,....



Push In Screw Plug SCH 40 Cover Plate 46, 1.5 inch
Push In Screw PlugSCH40 Aluminum Cover Plate 46

Push In Screw Plugs, White Nylon, for Panelmate Pro Female Anchors, they Push in but need a Screwdriver to remove, can be used as an Automotive clip,.. 2 Sizes

SCH40 Aluminum Cover Plate, 1 1/2 inch Inside Diameter, accepts SCH40 1 1/2" Pipe



SCH 40 Aluminum Floor Flange 47, 1.25 inch Single Axle Fender
SCH40 Aluminum Floor Flange 47Single Axle Fender

SCH40 Aluminum Floor Flange No. 47, 1 1/4 inch Inside Diameter, accepts SCH40 1 1/4" Pipe

Single Axle Fender, made with .100 Tread Brite Diamond Plate Metal, 5 styles to choose from. Single Axle Fender,...



Small Turn Knob Screws Trailer Plate for Camelback Brackets
Small Turn Knob ScrewsTrailer Plate for Awning Bracket

Small Thumb Turn Knob Screws, 1/4-20 x 3/4", Stainless Steel, with Shoulder, Select from 6 pieces thru 50. Choose Black or White,...

Trailer Mounting Plate for Awning Bracket, 2"x 2", attaches to your trailer or mobile home as a mounting plate, to hold the awning bracket...



Tandem Axle Fender Tear Drop Fender, Diamond Plate
Tandem Axle FenderTear Drop Fender

Tandem Axle Fender, Diamond Tread Brite Fenders .001 Thick, 4 sizes to choose from. You must arrange for pick-up.

Tear Drop Fender, Tread Brite Diamond Plate .001 Thick, 2 sizes to choose from. We do not ship this item, you must arrange for pick-up in Lake Worth, FL.



Tear Drop Fender Insert Triple Axle Fender
Tear Drop Fender InsertTriple Axle Fender

Tear Drop Insert for Fenders, Turn your standard 9” or 10” Double or Triple Axle Fender into a Tear Drop Fender, made of .080 Tread Brite Diamond Plate Metal.

Triple Axle Fender, made of .001 Thick Tread Brite Diamond Plate Metal, 2 styles to choose from. For Boat and other type Trailers. We do not ship this item, you must...



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