Universal Pivot for Roll Shutter Hand Cranks
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Universal Pivot 90 degree

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Universal Pivot for Roll Shutters, 90 Degree Head, mates to a standard Crank Handle Pole Bell and to the Manual Gear or Override Motor.

2 Hole Mount, Hex Drive only. For 7” End Caps or Less.

Includes a New Bullet!!!. Universal Pivot is Nickel Plated / Stainless Steel

Considered Exterior mount style, it has 2 holes for mounting.

The mounting base is 2" x 1", mounting holes are 1-11/16" OC.


The 7MM Hex Drive Shaft is 18 inches long, you cut to the needed length with a hacksaw.

HEX = 6 Sided - 1/4" Diameter


This base will pivot up to 65 degree angle to accommodate gear and mounting hole placement, but the straight shaft does not pivot inside the base like the 45 degree head model type which has a Double pivot. This model only has one pivot, on the bullet end.

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