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Window and Door Hardware and Parts for Sliding, Rolling, and other type Windows and Doors

Galvanized Steel Storm Panels Hanging Roller Wheels for Windows
Galvanized Steel Storm Panels Hanging Window Rollers

Galvanized Steel Storm Panels, Corrugated, made by BERTHA®, Miami Dade High Velocity Hurricane Zone Approved .030 Thick, Pick-up Only

Hanging Wheel Rollers for Windows, or Crafts, Double Dual Jet Airplane Style, 2 Dual Hanging Roller Wheels per Quantity ordered,.. 



Accordion Shutter Track Cover inserts Aluminum Storm Panels
Accordion Track Cover InsertAluminum Storm Panels

Accordion Shutter Track Covers, Colored Vinyl Inserts that snap into the track to keep dirt and leaves out. 4 Colors, each 4 feet long.

Aluminum Storm Panels, 2 1/4" Corrugated, BERTHA .050 Aluminum Sheets, 12 inches wide. Choose Length, CUSTOM CUT SIZES.



Astroguard Hurricane Fabric, BERTHA Bahama Hold Down Bracket for Wood Mounting
Astroguard Hurricane FabricBahama Hold Down Bracket for Wood

Astroguard Hurricane Fabric, by BERTHA, very flexible for easy storage, and very Strong protection against hurricane force winds

HV Bahama Shutter Hold Down Brackets, 4 inches long, for Wood mounting, select from 4 Colors. Left and Right Sides.



Bahama Shutter Arm Kit, Awning Poles Bottom Slat Weather Seal for Roll Shutters
Bahama Shutter Arm Kit, 1 pairBottom Slat Weather Seal

Bahama Shutter Arm Kit, Telescoping Poles, for ClamShell Awnings, 1 Pair, Choose Length Size, Select from 4 colors, comes with Brackets, Pins,... Aluminum

Bottom Slat Weather Seal for Roll Shutters, Black Rubber Bulb Gasket Seal, Fits 40mm, 55mm, 58mm, and 60mm Slats. Choose Length.



Brass Wood Bushing Anchor Build Out Header for Storm Shutters
Brass Wood Bushing AnchorBuild Out Header, 2 inch

Brass Wood Bushing Anchors, Slotted, 1/4-20 Inner Thread, Wood Anchor Bushing is 3/4" Long by 1/2" Diameter, choose Quantity.

Build Out Header for 2" size Ribbed Panels, Choose 1, 2, or 3 inch Mounting Build Out Distance, Choose Lengths to 6', Select White or,...



Camelback Brackets with Pin Camelback Pins
Camelback Brackets with PinCamelback Pins

Camelback Brackets for Awning Poles and Bahama Shutters, 3 Sizes, select Quantity desired. Brackets have the One Way notch for the Camelback Pin.

Camelback Pins, Awning and Shutter Pole Pins, 3 1/2" Large or 2 1/2" Small, select Quantity desired. They are 1/4" in Diameter,..



Clear Polycarbonate Storm Panels Decorative Colonial Shutter Panels
Clear Storm PanelsColonial Shutter Panels

Clear Storm Panels, See Thru Polycarbonate Storm Panels, 2" Rib Size, Choose Total Length. Miami Dade Hurricane Zone Code Approved. Corrugated Style.

Decorative Colonial Shutter Panels, many colors and pre-cut sizes available.



Complete Mortice Lock, Hi-Rise Shutters Crank Handle Pole for Roll Shutters
Complete Mortice Lock KitCrank Handle Pole for Roll Shutters

Complete Hi-Rise Mortice Hook Lock and Body Kit, Includes 1 Brass Keyed Cylinder Lock, 1 Brass Thumb Turn Lock, and Face Plate,...

Crank Handle with Bell, Nickel, 5 Feet Long, for Roll Shutters, Handcrank Bar. This kit comes with a Wall Clip Holder 



Camelback Brackets, Black, White, Bronze DOOYA Roll Shutter Motor Type 5 Standard
Designer Camelback BracketsDOOYA Roll Shutter Motor DM45S

Camelback Brackets for Awning Poles and Bahama Shutter arms, 3 Colors, Select Total Pieces desired, Made of Aluminum.

DOOYA Tubular Motor, Type 5 Standard DM45S or With Override DM45M. 50NM, 13RPM, 120V, 60Hz, 235W, 2.2A, 130 lbs. - 210 lbs.



H-Header, Top Track HV Colonial Hinges for Wood or Concrete
H-Header 2 1/4"HV Colonial Shutter Hinges

H-Header, Top Track for Storm Panels, by BERTHA, Choose White or Bronze, Choose Total Length, for 2 1/4" Rib Size Panels. Up to 6'...

HV Colonial Shutter Hinges, 2 inch width, choose for Wood or Concrete, select desired pieces. Complete hinge including the Bolt Pin.



Interlocking Horseshoe Shims Keeper and Cam for T Handle Shutter Lock
Interlocking Horseshoe ShimsKeeper and Cam Kit

Adjustable Interlocking Shims, Horseshoe Shaped, Breakaway Style, Plastic, 50 Pieces, Perfect for Shutters, Doors, Windows, or...

Shutter Cam and Keeper Kit for T Handle Locks, Set includes the Keeper, Stainless Steel Screw, Cam, and Plastic Bearing. Each Set counts as 1 piece, select how many



Cylinder Lock, Brass L-Handle Shutter Lock, Hi-Tech
Keyed Cylinder LockL-Handle HT Shutter Lock

Cylinder Lock, Brass, Silver Finish, With 2 Keys, includes 1 AL Ring. Fits Hi-Rise Mortise Locks and Others, 1 1/8" thread diameter. 

L-Handle HT Shutter Lock, choose with Keys or Thumb Turn style, HT = Hi-Tech. Choose from 5 colors; White, Ivory, Chrome, Bronze, or Beige.



Mark V, Heavy Duty Hinge Paddle Switches for Roll Shutters
Mark 5 Heavy Duty HingesPaddle Switch

Mark 4 or 5 Heavy Duty Welding Hinges, Stainless Steel, for Fences and Gates, and Marine applications.

PADDLE SWITCHES for roll shutters, Single Pole, Maintained or Momentary Style. 15A. Designer PADDLE SWITCHES by SOMFY.



Panelmate Plus Anchors for Wood Panelmate Pro Anchors
Panelmate Plus AnchorsPanelmate Pro Anchors

Panelmate Plus Anchors, made of 18-8 Stainless Steel, for Wood Applications

Panelmate Pro Anchors, 4 Sizes, Choose total Pieces desired, Made of Carbon Steel with Silver Stalguard Coating. For Concrete or Cement Block.



Price Adjustments Roll Shutter Toggle Switches
Price AdjustmentsRoll Shutter Toggle Switches

This "product" is for your additional payment for some type of adjustment to an order, like expedited shipping, or custom orders, or add ons,....

Toggle Switch for Roll Shutters, Single Pole, 20A, choose Maintained or Momentary, select White or Ivory





Rolling Track Truck Roller Assembly Screw Anchor Expander for Hollow Walls
Rolling Track Truck AssemblyScrew Anchor Expander

Rolling Track Truck Roller Assembly, for Hanging Gates that Roll side to side, complete metal roller assembly for hanging your panel or door.

Screw Anchor Expander for Hollow Walls and Concrete Blocks, Made by GREENLEE, 1/4-20 Masonry, Made in USA of Hardened Alloy Steel.



SIMU Roll Shutter Motor, Override, Type 5 Slat Cylinder Lock
SIMU Roll Shutter Motor Type 5 OverrideSlat Cylinder Lock

Roll Shutter Motor by SIMU, Override Type 5, 4 models to choose from. DMI5, 30Nm, 12RPM, 120V (MO 530), #2000774 in stock, DMI5, 35Nm, 18RPM, 120V,....

Slat Cylinder Lock , 40mm Base, for Roll Shutters, Garages, and other applications, High Security Lock, comes with 2 keys...



Sliding Window Roller Repair Kit Small Turn Knob Screws
Sliding Window Roller Repair KitSmall Turn Knob Screws

Sliding Window Roller Repair Kit, Contains 2 Wheel Assemblies, 2 Rubber Stops, 2 Spanner Wrenches, and 2 Spring Rods. All Stainless Steel hardware.

Small Thumb Turn Knob Screws, 1/4-20 x 3/4", Stainless Steel, with Shoulder, Select from 6 pieces thru 50. Choose Black or White,...



SOMFY MYLINK Home Automation System Spanner Wrench Set
SOMFY MYLINK Home AutomationSpanner Wrench Set

Somfy Mylink Home Automation System. Turn your Smartphone or Tablet into a Remote Control, use for any motorized Shutter or Blinds. Program up to 16 Channels.

Spanner Wrench Set for Windows and more. You get 2 Different Size Spanner Wrenches per Quantity ordered. Made of thick 4mm Steel, 



Shutter Guardian Storm Panel Security Bar Studded Bottom Track for Storm Panels
Storm Panel Security BarStudded Bottom Track

Storm Panel Security Bar Kit, Shutter Guardian, protect your home from easy wingnut removal. Multiple lengths to choose from.

Studded Bottom Track for Storm Panels, Choose Total Length, Choose Stud Spacing, Choose White or Bronze. The Studs are 1/4-20 Thread x 3/4" Long.



T-Handle Shutter Lock Kit Thumbturn Cylinder Lock
T-Handle Shutter Lock KitThumbturn Cylinder Lock

T-Handle Accordion Shutter Lock Kit for Centerfold type Hurricane Shutters, OEM Replacements for Repair, 5 Colors to choose...

Thumbturn Cylinder Lock, Brass, Silver Face, includes 1 AL Ring. 1 1/8" Thread Diameter,... This is whats included in the Mortise Complete Kit.



Track Bolt Alignment Strap, anti-chatter U Header for 2 1/4" Panels
Track Bolt Slide StrapU Header 2 1/4"

Track Bolt Strap, and Bolt Aligner for studless tracks. This Multi Purpose vinyl strapping strip has holes every 6" to fit over your track bolts and stop the chattering

U-Header for Storm Panels, the Top Track Channel, 3 Shippable Sizes to Choose, Select Length, Pick White or Bronze. For 2 1/4" Rib Panels



White Aluminum Storm Panels Wood Bushing Setting Tool
White Aluminum Storm PanelsWood Bushing Setting Tool

White Aluminum Storm Panels, made of .050 Miami Dade Approved HVHZ Zone BERTHA roll form, Custom Cut to your size

Wood Bushing Tool, Brass T-Handle Style, 6 inch, for setting 1/4-20 Wood Bushings.



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