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T-Handle Lock Kit, Ivory, Beige, & Chrome.

L-Handle Keyed Locks, Beige, Ivory, White.  

L-Handle Thumbturn Lock, Chrome.

Lance Awning Clip.

2" White U-Headers


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Advertising Spaces for Rent Mortise Hook Lock Body
Advertising SpacesMortise Hook Lock Body

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Mortise Hook Lock Body Only, no locks or face plate. Stainless Steel, Hi Rise Lock. #304 Hook Bolt, 1 1/8" Cylinder Hole....



Screw Protectors, White Nylon Caps Price Adjustments
Screw ProtectorsPrice Adjustments

Screw Protectors for Panelmate Pro Anchors, White Nylon Caps, UV Resistant, 1 1/8" Long, or use for any 1/4-20 size thread screw or bolt.

This "product" is for your additional payment for some type of adjustment to an order, like expedited shipping, or custom orders, or add ons,....



DOOYA Roll Shutter Motor DM59S Bottom Slat Weather Seal for Roll Shutters
DOOYA Roll Shutter Motor DM59SBottom Slat Weather Seal

DOOYA Roll Shutter Motor Type 6, Standard, DM59S, 100NM, 11RPM, 120V, 32.75” Long, 60Hz , 340W, 2.94A, 4min, IP44, 256lbs - 386lbs

Bottom Slat Weather Seal for Roll Shutters, Black Rubber Bulb Gasket Seal, Fits 40mm, 55mm, 58mm, and 60mm Slats. Choose Length.



Build Out Header for Storm Shutter Panels Studless Flat Track for Shutter Panels
Build Out Header 2 1/4Studless Flat Track

Build Out Header, Choose 1, 2, or 3 inch Build Out Distance, for 2 1/4" Rib Size Depth Panels, Choose Lengths up to 19', Select White or Bronze.

Studless Flat Track for Storm Panels, White or Bronze, Choose Length. Made by BERTHA, Requires Track Bolts sold seperately,



Turn Knob Screws Medium Size 7MM Hex Shaft for Universal Pivot
Turn Knob Screw, Medium SizeHex Shaft Extension Rod

 Turn Knob Screw for Shutter Panels, Medium Size, 1/4-20 x 1", Black or White, 18-8 Stainless Steel, Nylon Head. Choose amount desired.

7MM Hex Shaft for Universal Pivot, 13 inches long, has screw threaded into end of one side, and a hole on the side near the other end...



Gear Plate for SIMU 1424 SIMU Roll Shutter Motor, Override, Type 5
SIMU 1424 Gear Plate BracketSIMU Roll Shutter Motor Type 5 Override

Gear Plate Bracket for the SIMU 1424 Gear, 100MM Square (4 inches). Screws, Gear, and Connector not included. Made of Hardened Steel.

Roll Shutter Motor by SIMU, Override Type 5, 4 models to choose from. DMI5, 30Nm, 12RPM, 120V (MO 530), #2000774 in stock, DMI5, 35Nm, 18RPM, 120V,....



Roll Shutter Motor, type 5 Standard, SIMU Universal for Roll Shutter Hand Cranks
SIMU Roll Shutter Motor Type 5 StandardUniversal Pivot

Roll Shutter Motor by SIMU, Type 5 Standard, 3 styles to choose from, Crowns, Brackets, and Drives Sold Seperately...

Universal for Roll Shutters, 45 Degree Head, Choose Exterior or Interior, Choose Hex Drive or Square Drive. Includes the Bullet to attach to your crank handle....



HV Bahama Shutter Hinges Key Switch for Roll Shutters.
Bahama Shutter Hinges RailSIMU Key Switch

HV Bahama Shutter Hinges, Low Profile Style, Both Male and Female Side, for Replacement or New Installations, These are made of smooth...

Key Switches for Roll Shutters, by SIMU, Surface Mount, choose MOMENTARY or MAINTAIN Style. Comes with 3 Keys,...



Sidewalk Combo Bolts, 2 Sizes Roll Shutter Gear Kit 7MM
Sidewalk BoltsRoll Shutter Gear Kit 7MM

Sidewalk Combination Bolts, 1/4-20 Thread Size, Choose Length. They have a Flat Round Head with Beveled edges, combination Phillips - Slotted...

Roll Shutter Gears, Select Plastic or Metal, Choose 11:1 Ratio or 8:1 Ratio. 7MM Hex. Each kit comes with the Roll Shutter Gear, a Gasket,...



Interlocking Horseshoe Shims Moustache Clips, Stainless Steel
Interlocking Horseshoe ShimsMustache Clips

Adjustable Interlocking Shims, Horseshoe Shaped, Breakaway Style, Plastic, 50 Pieces, Perfect for Shutters, Doors, Windows, or...

Mustache Clips for Storm Panels and Shutters, These Mustache Clips are for the older style storm panels, High Strength Stainless Steel.



T-Handle Shutter Lock Kit Tapered Driver for Hurricane Screws
T-Handle Shutter Lock KitTapered Driver for Hurricane Screws

T-Handle Accordion Shutter Lock Kit for Centerfold type Hurricane Shutters, OEM Replacements for Repair, 5 Colors to choose...

Tapered Mag Driver Bit for Hurricane Screws , 1/4" Size, #8 Screw Head, Brand New, Made in USA, Heavy Duty. This item will fit in...



Wingnut Hand Driver, Fits Many Size Wingnuts HV Roller Guide Pins
Wingnut Hand DriverTrack Roller Guide Pin

Wingnut Hand Driver Tool for Hurricane Storm Panels and Shutters, Brand New, fits all wingnuts from size 10-32 to 5/16" Made in USA,...

HV Track Roller Guide Pins, HV = Hi Velocity, 2 Sizes to choose, LARGE 14 x 2 3/4" or SMALL 10 x 2 3/4". Choose Bushing Size, Select Quantity Desired,...



Washered Wingnuts Camelback Brackets with Pin
HV Washered WingnutsCamelback Brackets with Pin

HV Washered Wingnuts , Super Heavy Duty Zamac Diecast, Nickel Plated, 1/4-20 Thread size, 7/8" Washer. Rust Resistant. Choose total Pieces desired,... 

Camelback Brackets for Awning Poles and Bahama Shutters, 3 Sizes, select Quantity desired. Brackets have the One Way notch for the Camelback Pin.



Locking Pins for Accordion Hurricane Shutters, with Screws. Wheel Carriages, Panel Rollers
Locking Pins for ShuttersWheel Carriages, Panel Rollers

Aluminum Locking Pins, Accordion Shutter Pins, Sliding Rods, and for Centerfold Hurricane Shutters, 1 pair, Choose Length, Select Screw Size

HV Wheel Carriages for Hurricane Shutters , Panel Slide Rollers, 2 pair (4 pieces) per Quantity Ordered. Choose your Size...



CF Shutter Lock Kit, CenterFold Keyhole Washers
CF Shutter Lock KitKeyhole Washers

CF Shutter Lock Kit, Genuine OEM Replacement Part, Keyed or Thumbturn Styles, for Accordion and Centerfold Shutter Types. 

Aluminum Keyhole Washers, Select 12 pieces to 100. Most commonly used with Combo Truss Machine Screws size 1/4-20, but these,...



U-Bracket HV Lock Dust Covers, Plastic
U Bracket, Awnings, Bahama Shutters Dust Covers for Shutter Locks

U Brackets, for Awnings or Bahama Shutters, 1" Aluminum, New Replacement Parts, fits 1" or 3/4" poles. The U-Bracket is...

Dust Covers for HV or CF Shutter Locks, Choose either Keyed Locks or Thumb Turn Locks,.. Protects the lock from Rain, Dust, Bugs, and more. 



HV Nylon Thumbscrews HV Accordion Shutter Lock
HV Nylon Thumb ScrewsHV Shutter Lock Kit

HV White Nylon Thumb Screws, 3/8-16 x 3/4", with Shoulder. Choose how many HV White Nylon Thumb Screws you need, 6 to 48 pieces,... 

HV Shutter Lock Kit for Hurricane & Storm Shutters, Thumb Turn Egress Style or Keyed, for Accordion and Centerfold Shutter Types, 4 Colors...



L-Handle Shutter Lock, Hi-Tech Turn Knob Handle Screws, Large
L-Handle HT Shutter LockTurn Knob Handle Screws, Large

L-Handle HT Shutter Lock, choose with Keys or Thumb Turn style, HT = Hi-Tech. Choose from 5 colors; White, Ivory, Chrome, Bronze, or Beige.

Large Turn Knob Handles, Black or White, with Shoulder Stop. 5/16-18 x 1", Turn Knob Screw Handles, Stainless Steel, White or Black,...



Shutter Straps, Hook and Loop, 4 Colors Small Turn Knob Screws
Shutter StrapsSmall Turn Knob Screws

Accordion Shutter Straps , Choose from 4 Colors, Sizes 24" or 36". The Shutter Straps have a hard nylon loop on one end for tension adjustment...

Small Thumb Turn Knob Screws, 1/4-20 x 3/4", Stainless Steel, with Shoulder, Select from 6 pieces thru 50. Choose Black or White,...



Stainless Steel Thumb Screws, 2 sizes Bahama Shutter Arm Kit, Awning Poles
Thumb Screws, Stainless SteelBahama Shutter Arm Kit, 1 pair

Stainless Steel Thumb Screws, 2 Sizes; 1/4-20 x 3/4" or 10-24 x 3/4", Select  total Pieces desired. Accordion Shutter Screws... for the locking pins

Bahama Shutter Arm Kit, Telescoping Poles, for ClamShell Awnings, 1 Pair, Choose Length Size, Select from 4 colors, comes with Brackets, Pins,... Aluminum



Wingnut Power Driver Bit, fits many size Wingnuts
Wingnut Power Driver Bit

Wingnut Power Driver Bit, fits many size wingnuts, from 10-32 to 5/16" thread. Heavy Duty industrial strength metal. Shutter Tools...


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